Belief In An Afterlife

Sue L. Shares Her Experiences Regarding Her Belief In An Afterlife And The After Death Communication She's Received

A strong belief in an afterlife can have a powerful effect upon grief.

Last month I had the pleasure of connecting with one of my readers. Sue L. is someone who has experienced first hand the power of belief and she shared some of her after death communication experiences with me and has also generously agreed to share them with my readers. This is my second article pertaining to a belief in an afterlife. It is a subject I feel to be of great importance in terms of the grieving process.

Clearly Sue’s deep belief in an afterlife has aided her greatly in her ability to move forward through her grieving process regarding the death of her father and sister. I asked Sue a series of questions and I think you’ll all enjoy reading her enlightened and insightful responses.

Q & A  about Sue's belief in an afterlife

Q. Have you always held a belief in an afterlife? When do you first recall coming to this level of belief?

A. Being raised a Catholic, I was taught early on that after we die, we live in Christ. I have believed at a very early age that things didn’t “fade to black” once a person’s physical existence ended, and in fact we are taught that as Catholics that our relationship with the deceased does not end, it merely changes and takes on a different form. My personal belief is that there is no way you can love someone so much that it just simply “ends” because the physical body ceases. We’re all made of energy and I believe that energy lives on.

Q. How has this belief in an afterlife helped you in terms of your grieving process following the death of your loved ones?

A. My oldest sister’s death was the first immediate family loss that I experienced. She had been a loving and giving nurse in this life and I knew that her significant existence couldn’t end simply by death. In fact, she died in 1998, and during the 9/11 events in 2001, I could picture her helping others over. I certainly hope I’m right about that, too.

Q. In my comments section, You shared several stories involving after death communication with your sister and father, as well as the fact that you have a strong belief in an afterlife. Do you believe that your belief in an afterlife and strong level of belief helped to facilitate this contact in any way? What caused you to believe that these signs were in fact after death communications from your loved ones?

A. I believe that having faith and an openness to receive afterlife signs is what makes it happen. Often times we will meet people who think that the afterlife and “signs” are a figment of our grieving imagination, as I believe some people just can’t accept the reality that there is a higher power beyond our vision and knowledge. To those people I will say, “Once you’ve had a significant loss, you will know what I am talking about. Don’t expect to understand something you have not yet experienced.” I believe that the bereaved are in a state of mind that makes them extra-sensitive to things around them, making them more likely to experience signs than others who are not touched as deeply by a loss. The reasons I believe these signs were from my loved ones was quite simple – they were very specific. I didn’t “ask” for these signs, either. They just happened, and after they happened it occurred to me what they were. The night prior to my father’s death (which was unexpected), I had a dream and in that dream I heard my sister say, “It’s going to be okay now.” My dad had been sick, but was expected to recuperate. He’d lost a lot of his independence and it was horribly hard on him. My sister, I believe, was reassuring me that he was going to be fine when he did pass over and she was in essence trying to prepare me for it. She and I were close and she was maternal toward me, as she was 13 years older than I. She knew it was going to hit me very. It was the first time she had directly spoken to me in the 12 years she had passed. Otherwise, she seems to come in the form of butterflies at various times, especially when the family is together. I see signs of her all of the time without really trying.

Q. Did these incidences of after death contact and after death communication strengthen your belief in an afterlife? How did these afterlife signs and communications impact your grieving process?

A. As soon as someone dies, we immediately need to experience them in some form to be sure that they are okay. I know how much my father worried and adored us, and I sincerely believe he continues to be with my mother, as she feels very comfortable in their home where he passed away. I do not believe that his spirit has ever left the house since, either. She tells me all of the time that she needs to “get home” when we take her out, as she misses Dad and wants to get home, and I believe on a subconscious level, he is there watching over her. He was very thoughtful and unselfish in life, and I know that he would want mom comfortable before he moved on. These have helped my grieving process in essence because I believe he is with me and guiding me, as he always did in life. He was very wise, which I always knew, and now that he has even more wisdom where he is, I believe he tries to impart that on me every chance he can. When I ask him for signs in periods of extreme grief, usually within hours I will receive them, but they do not always come in the same form.

Q. Have you had any other after death acommunication or after death signs since the passing of your father? What form did they take?

A.Three months to the day after my father was buried, my sister went to see a local psychic – not one of those 800# people; a local person who is known in our community. He told my sister something that there is no way he could have “cold read” or even “guessed”: He said, “Every night your mother says “Good night to your father, and he wants her to know that he hears her!!” The significance of this is that the only person my mother told was me, and I was not present for this reading, so we know for a fact he had some form of contact with my dad’s spirit. He told us dad is adjusting to his new presence. He is playing spades or poker with an old Navy buddy (my dad was a World War II Navy veteran – again, something the psychic wouldn’t know). In this life, dad loved playing poker, but he gave it up because he had a family to care for. So, in his new life, he is doing those things that this life prohibited him to do for various reasons. He also told my sister that Dad knew we were having a family gathering and to take lots of pictures because he would be there in the forms of light, flashes, and orbs. We did take several pictures, but are waiting to get them developed, so this remains to be seen.

Just a few weeks after my father’s passing, I had to undergo some very unpleasant dental work. My dad knew I was facing this, as I had started the process prior to his passing, and even in his weakened state, he worried all day about my having the procedure, and he knew I was in fact going to be facing more of it. While I was sitting in the dentist’s chair, several songs came on that were specific to him and to me – “Your Song” by Elton John about his own father, “In My Life” by the Beatles, which was played at my sister’s funeral, and “Alone Again, Naturally” by Gilbert O’Sullivan. Of course, I was overcome with grief, and so my husband told the receptionist to change the station, which she promptly did, only for me to hear “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, which also reminded me of my father.

Q. Do you recommend the services of a psychic, a medium or other consultant?

A. This is a personal choice. You have to choose carefully and get recommendations from friends or family. I do believe in psychic communication, as I have very strong intuition myself, and because of our great pain from this loss, we decided to give it a try; we were lucky. It isn’t for everyone.

Thank You so much Sue for your wonderful contributions about a belief in an afterlife. Once again, you brought tears to my eyes and gave me shivers!

I think you’ve hit on something particularly poignant when you describe those grieving the loss of a loved one one as being in a heightened state of sensitivity. This was certainly my experience following the death of my brother. I found myself in a place where I felt extremely open and vulnerable, where I could feel and sense every nuance of energy around me. My intuition was magnified and it felt like my heart was wide open. I felt like I had entered a different vibrational reality. It truly is a state of being that is impossible to adequately describe with words, and I absolutely agree with you when you tell people that they cannot experience what this feels like unless they experience these circumstances.I have no doubt that a belief in an afterlife helped me to understand what I was experiencing at this time.

My husband made the astute observation that the vibration surrounding us, following the death of my brother, felt very similar to the one we experienced at the birth of our children. It's like both experiences catapulted us into a vibration where we were able to touch and feel the essence of life and love.

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