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belief in an afterlife

Many of us profess to hold a belief in an afterlife, however, the conviction of these beliefs are often not put to the test until after someone close to us has died. The death of a loved one is generally a time where we experience great shock, profound loss and emotional upheaval. In term of our beliefs regarding life after death, you could say that this is where the rubber meets the road.

Many find that in the face of death, belief in an afterlife pales in comparison to the all too poignant, physically based emotions of grief and bereavement. It can be extremely difficult to look past the physical reality before you to fully embrace the idea that your deceased love one continues to live on in another realm. For some, a belief in life after death will have small comfort if it appears that we no longer have a means to communicate with our loved one.

Belief in an afterlife - A refuge of Peace


However difficult it may be to turn our attention from the physical circumstances presenting before us following the death of a loved one, it is precisely during these times that it’s of the utmost importance to find a way to do so.

For those of us who hold strong beliefs about our eternal nature, these beliefs can become like a life raft, floating just within our reach as an ocean of grief swirls around us, threatening to drag us under. The ability to reach for and access strong beliefs regarding the issue of life after death can mean the difference between losing ourselves to our emotions of loss and devastation and actually arriving at a place of peace and acceptance regarding the passing of a loved one.

Although it’s absolutely normal to initially experience profound feelings of shock and devastation when a loved one dies, a belief in an afterlife can provide us with great comfort and can help us to move from our pain towards peace.

My own experiences involving the death of a loved one leave me to wonder how anyone could survive such an experience without a belief that live continues on after death. My deep anguish over the unexpected death of my brother, Murray, was greatly alleviated by my personal knowing that life continues on after death. I truly believe that it was the depth of my belief in an afterlife that allowed me to communicate with Murray from his new-found position in the after life.

Although the ultimate goal when attempting to move upwards from grief is to choose thoughts that support your belief in an afterlife, it’s still extremely important that you allow yourself to fully feel the physical loss of your loved one. It is important to acknowledge the depth of emotions before attempting to move forward. I often find when experiencing emotional pain, that there is a wonderful shift in Vibration that occurs when I allow myself to fully grieve. If I go deep enough and allow myself to surrender completely to ‘what is,’ I often feel a shift occur within mere moments. It’s almost like a slingshot effect, where in the act of surrender, a huge surge of positive energy shoots through my being, propelling my vibration upwards. I believe it was precisely this shift in vibration that allowed me to hear my brother’s voice when saying goodbye to his lifeless body.

A belief in an afterlife can play a powerful role in our movement forward, beyond emotions of grief and loss. However, it’s of extreme importance that such a belief is put into practice. When we choose thoughts and actions that align with a belief in life after death, we will find it so much easier to deal with the physical void that exists due to the passing of our loved one. There is no doubt that on a physical level we will always miss those we love, who make their transition to non-physical prior to us, but when we choose to practice and live, on a day to day basis, our belief in eternal life, we CAN transform feelings of grief and bereavement into feelings of peace and acceptance.

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