Belief in the Afterlife

by Jeanne Wilkey
(Washington DC)

I believe in afterlife. Three generations of my family have seen it. My father, when he was a little child, used to step aside for dead people on the streets of Atlanta and Pendleton, South Carolina.

My daughter saw her father for five years after he died. Two days before my brother died, he was in a coma but he came in my living room. His touch was like a feather on my shoulder and his voice sounded like he had never been sick a day in his life. His soul must have left his body before they pronounced him dead.

I saw another deceased person who was once a neighbor one morning when I was going to work. I spoke to him and he spoke back to me. When I got halfway down the street I realized this man had been dead for months. I'm not the only person who saw this man standing on the same corner after he died.

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