by judith
(middletown md)

my beagle, Job (pronounced "Jobe") passed away last sunday morning in the wee hours. i have had him for 15 years and miss him more than i can say.

i received butterflies, like i so often have, after a loved one has passed. i saw numerous different types and sizes, but continue to see so many teeny tiny ones everywhere i go when walking outside. I always called Job "My teeny tiny Job."
I was sitting and praying the day after he passed and noticed a cardinal land on top of my fence. It hopped a few steps toward the glass door and peered in at me!
Then, i decided i wanted even more of a sign. I thought of how I always called my Job "My little peanut." I thought, "I'd love to receive a peanut to know my Job is well and nearby."
It was the next day when I was walking my neighbor's dogs (who may become mine)that these dogs stopped and I heard one of them, then both of them crunching on something. I looked down to see about a half dozen peanuts, in the shell, lying on the ground. The dogs were eating them and at the sight of them I was overjoyed! I picked one up and will save it forever! A sign from my little Job!!!

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Aug 20, 2010
An amazing story!!
by: Faye

Judith, that is an amazing story of after death communication and a wonderful example of the types of synchronicity that spirit can deliver to us to let us know that they continue on! Little Job has been doing an amazing Job it seems in alerting you to his continued presence.

To find a pile of peanuts like that (after asking for a peanut!) and then for the dogs to discover them and eat them is really something!...never mind all of the other beautiful signs you are receiving for Job!

No doubt you now have a little angel with you at all times. Although we'll always miss their physical presence, it really is so wonderful to know that our human or animal loved ones can never really be lost to us.

Thank you so much for sharing your story! The more we share these stories the more we can spread the message that there really is no such thing as death....the spirit of humans and animals alike, live on forever.

Please keep us posted on any more signs you receive...I get the sense that little Job/peanut is likely just getting started!

Wishing you many more signs from your beloved Job and lots of loving energy to help you heal,

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