Calgary Massage Therapist Marni Reisig; Portrait of A Healer

I’ve had the pleasure now, of having had several sessions with Calgary massage therapist, Marni Reisig. While many massage therapists refer to themselves as ‘healers,’ Marni is indeed the real deal. Marni cares deeply about the well being of her clients and she is passionate about her role as healer.

From the moment you enter into her therapy room, to the time you waft out on a cloud, feeling refreshed and filled with a renewed vigor, you can palpably feel Marni’s loving intent to heal. Marni is one of those rare individuals, whose energy infuses any room she enters with an air of vibrance and positivity. It is this unique quality that is magnified and felt so intensely when Calgary massage therapist, Marni performs her personalized energy healing sessions.

Through a combination of therapeutic massage, relaxation massage, energy work and vibroacoustic therapy, Marni is able to create profound energetic shifts that have a powerful effect on both body and mind. (See below to read more about vibroacoustic therapy)

Prior to each energy healing session, Marni allows her client to choose and tailor the content of their healing treatment session according to preference. Clients can choose to have a full session of therapeutic massage, relaxation massage, energy work or vibroacoustic healing, or any combination thereof.

I prefer to allow Marni to intuitively assess my needs and have found that she always creates a healing session for me that is perfectly tailored to my individuated needs on that given day. There is something truly magical about flowing from the sense of deep, blissful relaxation and physical pleasure created by Marni’s intuitive massage techniques, into the deeply hypnotic trance states I’ve experienced from the combination created between the vibrations of the vibroacoustic healing bed and binaural beats emanating from headphones and the energy work she performs in tandem with this.

It is common for Marni’s clients to report having deeply spiritual, healing experiences during these sessions. My own experiences with Marni’s healing massage therapy, range from deep emotional releases that have resulted in weeping tears that were an impossible seeming mixture of both pent up grief and profound joy, as well as seeing colors and travelling to what feels to be ‘far away places’ and otherworldly realms.

Inevitably, I always come out of a massage therapy, energy healing session with Marni, feeling calm, centered, and refreshed with an overall sense of physical well-being, positively alight in my own spiritual center.

A one hour session with Calgary massage therapist and energy healer, Marni Reisig is $85.00

To make an appointment with Marni call:


Cell: 403-805-0201

Calgary Massage therapist Marni is located at:

The 7thChakra Studio, 1301 17 Ave. SW Calgary

What is vibroacoustic therapy?

Marni incorporates Vibroacoustic Therapy into her energy healing sessions. Vibroacoustic Therapy is a non-invasive method of stimulating the body, brain and entire nervous sytem. This unique therapy involves a deep tissue, low sound, full body massage, using sound waves in the range of 30Hz – 120 Hz. The sound is transmitted to the body via the therapy bed. Simultaneously, headphones transmit audio to relax and quiet the mind as binaural beats guide the brain into a meditative state.

Vibroacoustic therapy is well known to have a marked effect in Pain management and to provide relief from symptoms of neurological disorders such as MS, Parkinsons and stroke, stress and anxiety, circulatory problems, and insomnia. Vibroacoustic therapy affects the body on the cellular level.

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