Causes of Low Self Esteem

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A Discourse  On Causes Of Low Self Esteem And How It Relates To Living The Law of Attraction

I received the following e mail from a woman who is finding herself  troubled by low self esteem issues. The root of her query; What are the causes of low self esteem?

“I’ve been a long time reader of your website, and enjoy the articles on living the law of attraction in particular, but I think my problem with low self esteem is getting in the way of my being able to properly harness this law to my full advantage. Despite my understanding that in order to manifest my desires successfully, the way I am feeling must be a match to the manifestation, I cannot seem to rise above the deep sense of unworthiness that has plagued me since childhood.

I also suffer from extreme shyness around others, feeling lesser than them in almost every way, and when I fail or do not succeed, despite the fact that I try to shift my focus, my mind just keeps shifting back to the sense of failure. It really affects me in that I cannot seem to shake the bad feeling.

My childhood was not overly difficult, and looking back, I can even see that it was far better than the childhood that many others experienced, some of whom seem to have much higher self esteem than me. What I really want to know is, what are the causes of low self esteem? I feel as though getting a grip on the cause, may help me to rise above this issue. Thanks so much for any help you can offer.”

What Are The Causes Of Low Self Esteem?

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Mary’s issue is not unique. Where low self esteem exists, it’s pervasive in the sense that it colors all aspects of experience, including your ability to align your energies in a way that harnesses the law of attraction to your full advantage.

It is not uncommon at all for those with low self esteem to experience social anxiety, and also to take things very personally, which results in being deeply troubled by failure or even the opinions of others. Those with low self esteem also tend to exaggerate the negative aspects of circumstances that those with high self esteem, would be largely unaffected by. 

The causes of low self esteem are varied and numerous. Largely,  low self esteem involve a systematic chipping away of positive self image. For many though, an actual positive self image was never the case. Rather, they moved from toddler-hood, where self image was just developing, into childhood, with an image of self that was already skewed in the direction of negativity and limitation, all based upon the messages that the world as a whole, relayed.

There is no single factor when it comes to   causes of low self esteem. Self esteem is cumulative, and combined, thus, how we see and regard self, could be said to be  a sum total of events, circumstances, messages from others, all combined with our own self talk.

It’s important to note that if self esteem where strong and high from the get-go, outside influence would have little effect, as there would be little in the way of agreement with those messages. That said, it is human nature to look to others to some degree for validation. Those with low self esteem place far more emphasis upon what others have to say about them, than upon what they themselves say and think.

Ending the cycle of low self esteem involves changing the inner dialogue. This requires a degree of conscious awareness of what mind is doing, thinking and what you are saying to yourself. I generally advise a period of just watching passively, absent any sense of trying to change things first.

Once you are clearly seeing the negative self talk that is almost always ongoing in one with low self esteem, the next logical step, of stepping in to shift and counter that negativity happens pretty much on its own accord.

Self Esteem, Law of Attraction And Manifestation

If you are wondering about your own level of self esteem and ability to successfully harness the law of attraction, take my law of attraction quiz. It addresses both issues and will give you an idea of where you stand in terms of work needed before you start manifesting like a pro.

High self esteem is an integral part of law of attraction and manifestation. Feeling good regardless of circumstances is the key to manifesting desire quickly and easily, and if self esteem is low, this is a akin to trying to start a fire with wet matches.

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