Channeling light

How to tell if a spiritual teacher is coming from expanded consciousness or contracted ego

Channeling light is the result of expanded consciousness. Most spiritual teachers would claim to be coming from a place of expanded awareness rather than contracted ego, however, not all spiritual teachers walk their talk.

For most of us, acceptance of another as a spiritual teacher who is channeling light, is a process of discernment.  Certain criteria must be fulfilled before we will accept another's  word as containing wisdom.

Channeled messages and spiritual teachings that are of expanded consciousness will leave us feeling uplifted and hopeful. Those that are not, will contain negative judgments, ideas of limitation and darkness, all the result of contracted ego. 

A spiritual teacher who is of expanded consciousness,  radiates love and kindness and does belittle or berate, even in the process  of pointing out fallacious thinking or ideas.

A spiritual teacher who is channeling light is patient exceedingly tolerant,  particularly when interacting with students who may be having difficulty understanding the teachings in question, possibly even due to their own position of coming from contracted ego.

Channeling light? How does this Spiritual Teacher's message make me feel?

When it comes to assessing whether or not a spiritual teacher or one who conducts spiritual channeling is coming from the light or not, feelings don't lie.

Does the message/messager leave you feeling uplifted and more positive, or are you left feeling lacking in terms  accomplishment as a result of the teachings and ideas being put forth?

A teacher who is coming from expanded consciousness has no need to mock, ridicule or otherwise tear-down a student as though he is better or more special than the student.  A spiritual teacher who is of the light sees himself in every aspirants eyes, thus, tearing you down, would be the equivalent of tearing him/herself down.

It's always important when assessing a new spiritual teaching to pay attention to the degree or lack thereof of personal resonance you feel with the message. Does the message make your heart sing, or is there a sense instead of inner conflict or  contraction?

We are all individuals and spiritual teachings and teachers are not one size fits all. Rather, like every pursuit in life,  it's important to follow your bliss when it comes seeking out spiritual teacher and spiritual channeling.

If a particular teachings or spiritual message leaves you feeling confused, angry, defeated or diminished in any way, it's important to take a closer look and even possibly, to simply walk away. Information departed under the guise of spiritual wisdom, coming from a teacher who is not coming from expanded consciousness, but instead from contracted ego,  can do more harm than good.

Choose your spiritual teachers wisely. Follow your heart...follow your instincts...follow your bliss.

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