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  An Overview of my Favorites

Channeling light involves becoming a conduit to the highest and purest and energies. It means becoming a conduit for love.

Channeled Messages abound. It seems that the phenomena of spiritual teachers using themselves as a conduit for messages from spirit, is on the rise. These spiritual messages contain information that ranges from how to manifest desires to how to best go about expanding consciousness. Although these messages from spirit have their general source in common as a basis, their content often varies greatly.

It is important when assessing those who declare themselves to be channeling light, to do so with a critical yet open mind. Certain properties should be in place if a message is to be considered legitimate and of the highest energy.

Such questions as, “Does the channeled message seem to emanate from expanded consciousness? Is there consistency between the various messages emanating from one entity, or do they contradict one another? And do these messages contain any obvious ego, anger or condescension?

spiritual teachers who are channeling light

With so much emphasis given lately on my part towards messages and spiritual teachings that are in my opinion, not legitimate, I thought it important that I write an article on the messages that do resonate with me.....those that strike me as genuinely channeling light.

Below you will find a list of my top favorite spirit channels.

Molly Rowland Channeling St. Germain

Just when I was ready to form a sweeping opinion regarding all SaintGermain channeling, I stumbled across the website of Molly Rowland. Molly’s channeled messages from St. Germain could not be more different than the messages I encountered previously. Clearly Molly Rowland is channeling light.

As I watched a you-tube video of Ms. Rowland channeling St. Germain, my entire body, from head to toe became a-tingle with the tell-tale sign I always receive when I’m in the presence of spirit.

The essence of these channeling light messages is the unmistakable energy of radiant, unconditional love. Molly’s gentle, peaceful manner as she engages in her Saint Germain channeling, speaks to the soul. Through Molly Rowland, St. Germain speaks of ascension and the days ahead. In contrast to the harsh, dictatorial, challenging tone displayed by Aruna Byers channeling St. Germain when she speaks of the subject of ascension, Molly says this. “The utter simplicity of ascension is that you don’t do it, you allow it.”

As with other channeled messages from those who are channeling light that resonate with me, I find St. Germain’s messages as channeled through Molly Rowland, to resonate deeply with the aspects of my higher consciousness. These messages are filled with love, peace and have an amazing ability to uplift. I came away from listening to these channeled messages for the first time, feeling like I had been bathed in the unconditionally loving energies of higher consciousness and pure acceptance. The sounds of Molly’s voice, combined with the beautiful essence of the message she is delivering has a powerful impact. As I closed my eyes to listen, I saw pale shades of swirling purple and violet light dancing in my mind’s eye, something that often happens when I connect with higher energies.

Molly calls herself a trans-channel for St. Germain and the Council of Light, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and members of the space brotherhood. She says it was St. Germain himself who gave her the title of “The Voice of The Gatekeepers.” Molly says of herself and her work, “We are not looking for followers. We are looking for companions along the way.” This gracious and humble sentiment is evident in her channeled messages and can also be found all throughout her website.

Molly also offers private channeling sessions, medical intuitive sessions, Astrology readings and tarot readings. I can only imagine that if she brings the same level of integrity and higher levels of consciousness to these readings as she does to channeling St. Germain, a reading with Molly would be an incredibly healing and enlightening experience. You can reach Molly Rowland through her website, "Voice of The Gatekeepers," for more information on obtaining a reading.

Channeling Light - April Crawford Channeling Veronica

I stumbled upon April Crawford a few years ago. April is a striking blond woman who channels an entity named, Veronica. Once again, April’s teachings have the unmistakable essence of emanating from higher consciousness. While I don’t necessarily get the same level of ‘warm-fuzzies’ from these messages as I do from others, I really do resonate with their content. I do believe that Veronica is indeed channeling light.

Veronica’s message is delivered in a no-nonsense manner, tinged with the slightest bit of cockiness and dash of humor. The result is a down to earth and thorough delivery of metaphysical explanations of the pressing concerns and queries of the most ardent spiritual seeker.

I particularly enjoy April’s channeled messages regarding the subject of life after death. In her no-nonsense delivery style, April, channeling Veronica, lays out the foundation of what happens following our physical death and elaborates from there with great detail. When April is channeling light through her channeled messages, she gets right to the point and is easy to understand and I’d recommend these messages to spiritual seekers of all levels and interests.

Channeling Light - Esther Hicks Channeling Abraham – The Teachings of Abraham

These channeled messages have been a favorite of mine for several years now. I first discovered the teachings of Abraham shortly after the death of my brother, Murray. It had been a few months since his passing and I was at the bookstore perusing books on after death communication. Murray had been communicating with me both telepathically and through physically occurring signs almost non-stop since he had died. I was looking for similar stories.

Adjacent to the bookshelf that contained books on life after death, a book called “Ask and It is Given,” by Esther Hicks, caught my eye. I picked it up and read, “The teachings of Abraham,” on the bottom of the cover. I immediately began to put the book back on its shelf. The name “Abraham” just sounded far too religious for anything I’d likely be interested in. At that moment, I heard my brother’s voice almost shouting in my ear. “You have to buy this book, it’s exactly what I’ve been telling you about. It describes how to create anything you want in physical life.”

In one of the first telepathic conversations I had with Murray following his death, he stressed to me that we truly are the creators of our own experience. He wanted to me know that not only had I been right about this when I had tried to influence him with this concept when he had been alive, but he wanted me to know that we had far more creative control over our reality than even I had perceived, that in fact, I could manifest desires for anything that I could ever want in life.

I took the book home and absolutely devoured it. It felt like coming home. It resonated with everything I knew in my heart. From their instruction on manifesting desires to their descriptions of life after death, there was no doubt in my mind that Abraham was the voice of spirit. Esther Hicks in my opinion is undoubtedly channeling light.

The teachings of Abraham encompass higher spiritual wisdom, unconditional love, humor and are delivered with a level of confidence, consistency and energy that leaves me and many, many others without a doubt regarding it’s authenticity. In my opinion, this message from spirit is one that emanates from the highest of consciousness and merely reading the words, or listening to Esther’s voice as she channels Abraham, has the ability to transport one into the whirling vortex of ever expanding consciousness. There is no doubt in my mind that as far as authentic channels go Esther Hicks and Abraham are indeed the real deal.

Channeling the Light - Jane Roberts Channeling Seth

I was introduced to these teachings in my early teens. Jane Roberts, now deceased, channeled an entity named Seth, beginning in the 1960’s and the conversations were recorded by her husband Robert Butts. The channeled messages were subsequently published into numerous books.

As a teen I found the concept of channeled messages absolutely enthralling. The idea that I could garner spiritual wisdom through the teachings of a discarnate soul or higher spirit was one that appealed to me on many levels. Although I had some difficulty understanding some of these channeled messages, they held enough of my interest and promised enough in the way of expanding consciousness that I felt myself drawn to them again and again.

To this day, while I do not find the Seth material to be an easy read, it is a read that is well worth the effort. These channeling light messages can get quite technical regarding such subjects as mass creation of events and the nature of consciousness itself. These subjects and the entire subject of a self-created reality are tackled with enthusiasm and expansive energy. Their authenticity is enhanced by the fact that Jane Roberts apparently had very little personal knowledge regarding some of the more scientific based messages channeled by Seth. Many of these have now been proven to parallel present day quantum physics knowledge.

Channeling light and channeled messages are a wonderful means of gathering knowledge and information that appears to lie beyond our physical consciousness. As we’re all different, different Channels and different types of messages will appeal to each of us and will work on our expanding consciousness in different ways. What resonates with one will often leave another cold. The criteria I always use in assessing the authenticity and validity of a channeled message and to determine whether the one doing the channeling is actually channeling light, is its ability to propel me to higher levels of expanding consciousness and to open my heart. The channels above have all had this effect upon me.

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