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Channeling spirit involves connecting to higher, more enlightened entities or energies and allowing their spiritual wisdom to flow to us and through us. All of us are capable of channeling, and often practice channeling of spirit without even realizing we're doing so.

Anytime we access our intuition, psychic ability, gain spiritual insight or attain a more expansive, loving perspective, we are in a sense, channeling spirit. Anytime we move beyond the confines of our earthy, physical experience and lower aspects of self, we are effectively exercising and utilizing a form of this connection.

Mediums, those who are capable of connecting to the spirit of the deceased in order to pass on messages to loved ones remaining in the physical, can be considered channels of sorts. When I connect to the essence and spiritual energy of my deceased brother to tune into his messages, I am essentially acting as a channel.

Expertly channeling spirit

There are those who take the skill of channeling spirit to a higher level. Esther Hicks, easily my favorite of channels, is such an individual. Esther regularly and purposefully connects to a group of enlightened beings who collectively call themselves "Abraham." The specific content of their message deals mainly with a self created reality and manifestation of desire. The general content of this message is one of unbounded love and positivity. I find it impossible to read or listen to this material and not increase my vibration to a sky-high level.

Another famous channel, no longer alive, is Jane Roberts. Jane and her husband Robert Butts wrote volumes of material channeled through Jane from an entity who called himself Seth. This material also covers the subject of manifestation, but it gets far more into the technical aspects of metaphysics than the Abraham material. The details provided are impressive to say the least.

With both of these spiritual channels, it's quite evident by the consistency, depth and content of the material presented that they are in fact tapping into an intelligence that lies in the realms of higher awareness.

It could be said that much of the material on this wisdom-of-spirit website has been channeled from my higher self or spirit, as well as other energetic beings of higher vibration, guides of sorts that I occasionally connect with.

I make it a point never to write on these subjects unless I've first centered myself and have accessed a state of higher vibration. This results in a strong focus and  connection to higher levels of awareness. I often feel as though the words and concepts I write about are coming from an energy beyond my physical self and that this energy is expressing through me.

Channeling spirit involves an opening of the mind in order to expand our awareness towards the energy of higher thought. Some are frightened by the thought of opening in such a way and connecting to energies which they believe lie outside of themselves. By focusing upon loving thoughts and reaching for the highest vibration possible, we can always be assured of connecting only with the highest most loving of energies. The energies that are compatible with our own vibration are the only ones we will ever have access to. Therefore, when attempting to channel, it's extremely important to begin from a place of loving thought and high vibration. How can we tell when we're in a place of high vibration? Put simply, we feel Good!

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