Connecting With Spirit - Stepping Into The Universal Flow to Experience Synchronicity

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I've been no stranger to connecting with spirit. Since my brother’s passing in 2005, I’ve had many profound experiences of  life after death communication through the form of both synchronicity and telepathic transference of thought. Both involve a merging with the universal flow.

The synchronicity of connecting with spirit

What does it mean to experience a merging with the Universal Flow? And what does this have to do with connecting with spirit?

The phenomena known as synchronicity can serve as a powerful catalyst to recognizing and understanding that we are at one with the energies of the universe. Synchronicity involves the experience of profound coincidence that defies logical explanation. It can be said that we are experiencing the universal flow of synchronicity when we encounter circumstances that line up against all odds, circumstances that are so uncanny and unlikely in their manifestation that they cause us to ponder the concrete, linear and generally rather predictable appearance of physical reality.

Each experience of connecting with spirit has shown me that as humans we are not separate beings immersed within a universe of happenings that occur randomly TO us, but rather we are an integral part of the whole. We are not IN the universe or OF it, but we are as much IT as any seemingly, separate part of it is. All is one and one is All.

Therefore, an experience of connecting with spirit is really an experience of connecting with that which we are at the core of our being. If the ocean is spirit, we are a wave on the ocean. Connecting with that aspect of being is essentially, to arrive home. Thus, connecting with spirit and moving into the natural universal flow to experience synchronicity, IS a movement towards who and what we really are.

My latest experience of synchronicity and life after death communication is a wonderful example of what it means to merge with the universal flow. While these experiences have become somewhat commonplace since my brother’s passing, their effect upon me have been anything but common. Connecting with spirit serves as a wonderful reminder of who and what we really are.

Last week I had a profound experience of connecting with spirit while walking my dog.

We started out as usual along our regular route, a full circle around the block. As I neared the end of the street, I suddenly heard my brother’s voice in my mind telling me that he’d be sending me a sign. Since Murray’s passing on Remembrance Day morning of 2005, I’ve come to pay rapt attention to these brief announcements from my brother. He has yet to let me down. When I hear his voice, pre-warning me of an impending sign, I've learned to have high expectations.

I quickly scanned the immediate area for a Remembrance Day lapel poppy as this is one the most common after death signs he sends me. Seeing nothing, I moved on, high in expectation but full of wonder as to exactly what he’d send me this time.

I had just turned the corner to begin the full circle towards home when a rabbit suddenly darted out in front of us and hopped across the road. Wild rabbits were established early on as another form of life after death communication Murray uses to communicate his presence to family and friends and thus, with my heart filled with love, I immediately acknowledged my brother’s presence.

I always get a tingly rush of energy whenever connecting with spirit, and in particular when receiving life after death communication from my brother and this time was no exception. My hair stood on end as delightful shivers of connection ran up and down my spine. My dog surprised me by reacting to the rabbit with an uncharacteristic calm. Normally, he would have barked and pulled on the leash in an attempt to follow the rabbit. This time, he quietly stood beside me, as still as a statue as though he also could sense the specialness of the moment.

We carried on, my dog calm as ever and me with a big smile plastered on my face. Within minutes I heard a bird call that I’ve also come to associate with my brother. The last time I heard this specific call off in the distance, I’d found a poppy lying on the sidewalk at my feet seconds after. I was surprised to hear this particular bird call as I’d assumed these birds flew south for the Winter. But here I was, hearing that very same call in the dead of winter.

The bird continued to sound its haunting call and the tingles increased as I felt myself merge into the universal flow where synchronicity is not only possible, but fully anticipated. This state feels dream-like, fluid and flowing. Entering into this realm is an experience of walking into the moment itself, where time seems to stand still. My heart soars and my awareness heightens to a point where I truly feel connected to every nuance of the reality appearing before me.

I could hear my brother’s voice instructing me to look towards the ground. He conveyed to me that I would find a poppy and also a piece of paper with something written on that was related to him. He also conveyed that like he’d done in the past, he was going to provide some ‘over the top’ evidence to prove the reality of life after death and to quell the niggling voice of doubt that might arise within me once the experience of finding the sign had passed.

As I closed the short distance towards the side of my own home, I felt as though I was floating on air. I felt Murray’s loving energy surrounding me as I immersed myself within an encompassing feeling of peace and bliss. The tingles heightened as my sense of awareness sharpened.

I scanned the ground with full expectation, knowing with certainty that I’d find what I was looking for and that synchronicity was in action.

As I pulled up alongside my own yard, I immediately saw my poppy peeking out from under a pile of leaves and snow. I snatched it and held it up, at one with the moment, examining it and marveling at its pristine condition, despite the fact that it had likely been on the ground and blown around by the wind, since November.

As I glanced towards the foundation of our house, a mere four feet away from where I found the poppy, I spotted a piece of paper. It appeared to be a page torn out of a small book. I walked over to it slowly, knowing with every fiber of my being that I was connecting with spirit and that this was what my brother intended for me to find. I was absolutely consumed by the tingles at this point and full of anticipation.

As I bent down to snatch it up, I read the title of the page and almost fell over. In large block letters it read: DIABETES. It then went on to describe how to administer first aid to a diabetic who has experienced insulin shock or diabetic coma.

My brother's cause of death on the morning of November 11, Remembrance Day 2005, was Insulin shock. My brother had been an insulin dependent diabetic since his early thirties.

From what his autopsy revealed, Murray had likely taken his insulin shot very early in the morning and gone back to bed, where his sugar levels plummeted, rendering him comatose and eventuating in his death.

Murray has sent me many signs and life after death communications since his death and this one is right up there with some of the very best.

I’ve come to see that connecting with spirit means moving beyond those walls of belief that tell us that physical reality is separate from spirit. It means moving beyond the mundane experience of day to day physical, linear appearing reality to merge with the universal flow where synchronicity becomes a normal and natural experience. It means surrendering our belief in the concrete and predictable to accept the miraculous moment at hand without resistance.

When we let go and let God, we merge with the energy of synchronicity and we move into a reality where connecting with spirit is not something we strive to do, but instead, we find ourselves living within a moment to moment reality where we are perpetually CONNECTED to spirit, where no separation exists at all between that which we are and that which we previously perceived to lie beyond.


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