Deceased Loved Ones

by Debra A. Stevenson
(Southampton, NJ, Burl Co.)

I have read that a deceased partner encourages the other to remarry after he/she has died. What if the remaining partner does not desire to have a companion, or remarry? Does this require approval from their deceased spouse, or is the deceased spouse angry or will do all possible to get their way?

I am a widow of 3 years, and am perfectly comfortable, happy and at peace on my own. However, I worry that this is something that I have to do, and I don't want to. The fear is very intense sometimes.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Debbie Stevenson

Dear Debbie:

My experience indicates that Our deceased loved ones want nothing more for us than Peace. They do not judge the way we arrive there.

For many, it is important to move forward to reconnect with others in romantic relationships, in others like yourself, it is not.

Rest assured that all your loved one desires is that you are happy and at peace. If that means remaining single, I assure you, you have his full approval and support.

If you attune to his energy, what you will experience is a love that is so encompassing and full without condition. Your happiness is all that matters.

Hope that helps,

With Love,

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Sep 06, 2012
by: Earl

I too feel that our deceased spouses want us to be happy. Each person has to decide what they need to do for happiness. I lost my wife 2 1/2 years ago and miss the wonderful life we had together. At times I have felt I would enjoy the companionship of a female for outings. I have tried going to dinner with some wonderful ladies and enjoyed their company and just visiting. I was never completely comfortable in those situations and came to realize that I just wasn't
really ready for that sort of thing. I don't believe I will ever want another mate. I feel my wife's presence with me most of the time and that brings me the greatest comfort. I hope you find comfort in whatever course you choose.

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