Definition Of Empowerment

definition of empowerment

What's your definition of Empowerment? The answer to this question is an important one, in that defining exactly what empowerment means to you, goes a long way in terms of the sense of limitation or lack thereof, you will experience in the day to day living of your life.

In my estimation, the highest and most expansive definition of empowerment includes a deep and abiding knowing that who and what you are, does not begin or end solely with the mind/body.  Empowerment goes hand in hand with the recognition of being at one with Source/God/All that is, and serves as the foundation for self actualization.

An empowered person is free from false, limiting beliefs about him/herself and understands what it means for the limited self to step out of the way, to allow alignment with spirit to flood in, and essentially, take over.  My own definition of empowerment includes an ability to access, listen to and follow the voice of spirit, which makes itself manifest in the human being, as intuition.

The Importance Of Coming To Your Own Definition Of Empowerment

definition of empowerment

While folks  may have a slightly differing definition of empowerment, each definition will like have one thing in common, and that is; It points to a state and way of being where there is conscious awareness of  the  potential for greatness.

To live from a position of knowing that you can dream the highest of dreams and that there is nothing in this physical world that can stop you from realizing the manifestation of those dreams, is what it means to live from a position of empowerment.

Your own definition of empowerment may indeed involve more specifics, including the myriad of unique ways you see your own potential being actualized. Are you wanting greater material and financial success? A loving, supportive romantic relationship? A sense of feeling truly good about yourself? Your definition of empowerment may include an ability to overcome any present fears or limitations that are present, seemingly holding you back from actualizing  all that you desire to be.

Spiritual Empowerment and Self Actualization

Spiritual empowerment takes you a level beyond the mere physical realm. While improvements in self esteem and an increase in self worth may indeed make for a more joyous and fulfilling experience, true, all encompassing  empowerment means seeing beyond the limitations imposed by the belief that you are a conglomeration of body and mind, only.

When fixed identification with body/mind  falls away, to reveal the majesty and divine nature of Self, your true potential is realized and thus, self actualization moves into the realm of Self actualization.

What is the difference between self and Self, you ask? Nothing more than a belief that you are limited in being to only the  physical body/mind  vs. an absence of belief in that limitation, which only serves to demonstrate the incredible power the presence of belief has upon experience.

When your definition of  empowerment includes the empowerment of a spiritual nature,  you are well on your way to full  self actualization and therefore, an experience of life that is  rife with freedom to be whoever and whatever you choose to be.

 Free To Dream And Become

spiritual empowerment

Being empowered means being free to dream whatever dream you care to dream, with full knowing, understanding and expectation that all you desire,  will become actualized in your reality.

Being empowered means embracing the law of attraction and embracing yourself as a powerful co-creator of your own reality. It means living large, dreaming large, and expecting nothing less than the very best to manifest.

When your definition of empowerment includes being free to be whoever it is you choose to be, and you align with the expectation that what you intend to be, already is making its way into your experience, life becomes a happy dance between the arising of desire, and an exciting joyous journey to the manifestation of that desire.

True empowerment means never faltering, never compromising your highest vision for being. An empowered person is consciously aware of his/her godliness.

Are You Living An  Empowered Life? A Quick Test:

Answer each of the following statements with a) do not agree, b) somewhat agree c) Very much agree:

1. I rarely allow the opinions of others to get me down or affect my own belief concerning my future direction.

2. When a desire for something arises, I know by the very fact of the arising desire, that it is already making it's way into my reality.

3. I love and respect myself and truly feel that I am deserving of all the good things that life has offer.

4. It is rare for me to experience angst or  frustration due to desiring something that is slow to manifest.

5. I am deeply aware of being at one with the universe as a whole, and I trust that life is always working out in the best and highest way possible.

All  c answers are indicators that your definition of empowerment is working for you and that you are indeed living a spiritually empowered life. All be answers, indicate that you are very close, with perhaps a bit of self inquiry work to do to ferret out any lingering beliefs in limitation. Any question that you answered with a, indicates a need for some deep  self inquiry into beliefs of limitation that you are obviously  still holding to. 

Living an empowered existence is mostly about seeing through false and limiting beliefs that hold us back, and allowing them to fall away to reveal the divine within. Once the falling away has occurred, unlimited being shines through and guides the way. There is very little you, as a physical body/mind needs to do that at this juncture, other than to effortlessly, and joyously, see, listen and  follow along.

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