Do Animals Have Souls?

The question,  do animals have souls?  often arises when a beloved pet has died. Most of us are extremely comforted by the belief that our beloved pets do in fact have a soul, that we will be reunited with them again in the afterlife and that they can continue to engage with us by making after death contact through various modes of after death communication.

do animals have souls?

The death of pets - heartbreaking and often difficult to share

The death of pets can  leave us heartbroken. Compounding this pain is the fact that society in general does not acknowledge the profound emotional loss that the death of  pets can cause. The truth is that like human children, we often become more emotionally attached to our pets than we do to other adults in our midst. This is due to the nature of the relationship. Pets, like children, depend upon us for their care and well-being. This creates a relationship built on profound trust, caring and unconditional love. The death of a pet often affects us more profoundly than we had ever imagined it might. In light of the obvious personality and focused consciousness we know animals to have, I find it amazing that some would still skeptically ask the question, do animals have souls? If we believe that we as human have a soul, why would an animal be any different?

Is after death communication with pets possible?

For most of us, when we ask the question, do animals have souls? or Do animals go to heaven? what we’re really wanting to know is; “Does the loving bond that I had with my pet continue on. Will I be reunited again with my pet in the afterlife?”

My experiences of after death communication with both humans and animals lead me to answer both of these questions with a resounding, “Yes!”

Love is seems, is the bond that unites ALL souls, throughout life and after death. Whenever and wherever a loving bond exists, relationship continuity exists. Any pet or person that we’ve loved in a lifetime will continue to be accessible to us now as well as when we pass into the afterlife.

I’m convinced that like our human deceased loved ones, our animal deceased loved ones also can send a part of their energy back into the physical realm to reincarnate. As I describe in this article about reincarnation, only a portion of the soul’s energy comes into the physical. The largest part of the soul remains spiritually anchored. This is why, regardless of whether or not our deceased loved one, human or animal has chosen to reincarnate, we will always have access to the unique being that we knew and loved. They never cease to exist.

deceased pets

Do Animals Have Souls? Do They experience reincarnation?

The night my family said farewell to my beloved cat Jade in the vet’s office was a difficult one. She was at least 21 years old, (I had found her full-grown and starving on the streets with a litter of kittens she was housing under a door step, so her exact age  was not known. We had estimated around 2 years old). In her old age, she had developed a tumor that was growing behind her eye and had reached the place where she appeared to be suffering.

The vet had given her a shot of something to relax her before the lethal injection. While we waited for the medication to take effect, I cradled Jade in my arms, her emaciated body wrapped in a soft blanket. As I looked into her eyes I could see that her pupils had become fully dilated which caused her face to look quite different. As I held her up to my husband, I exclaimed, “Oh My God, she looks like a guinea pig.” I would forget uttering those words until several months later. They came flooding back into my mind in full focus several days after purchasing two guinea pigs for my kids. As I looked into the face of my son’s guinea pig, Nugget, I was immediately transported back to that moment in the vet’s office. Nugget, with her ruffled, brown/grey fur and large black eyes bore an uncanny resemblance to Jade. Her personality also mirrors Jade’s in an amazing way. She is always the first to start ‘weeking’ in anticipation of food when she hears me coming. She often crawls half way out of her cage to see what tempting treat I have for her. She frequently, mischieviously nips the kids fingers when she's tired of being held.

Jade had always had an incredible appetite. Her early life as a street cat had likely caused her to wonder if every meal she ate might be her last. She had a ravenous appetite. As a result, in her prime, she was always a tad on the overweight side. Jade had showed a low tolerance to children. When my kids were born and began crawling and attempting to play with her, she quickly let them know through an irritable swat or two that they’d be best to leave her alone. Both Jade and Nugget share a feisty personality and attitude and Nugget loves being stroked under the chin and around the ears in the exact same way that Jade loved to be. From what I hear, most guinea pigs aren't fond of having their heads and necks touched.

But, there is more to it than just sharing certain physical characteristics. There is an indescribable essence about this guinea pig that so reminds me of Jade. As crazy as it may sound, I’m quite convinced that Jade has sent us a piece of her soul energy through Nugget the guinea pig. Needless to say, I have a special affection for Nugget and it would appear through her warm reaction to me that she feels the same.

Do animals go to heaven? Do animals have souls? Is after death communication with pets possible? Absolutely!

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