Expand Your Consciousness - Activate The Observer Within

When you activate the observer within, you immediately expand your consciousness. Spiritual awareness of the lower aspects of ego, as you experience them and act them out, results in an activation of the observer within, or as many call it, the witness within. 

This is the more expanded aspect of self  that is capable of standing by and observing while the lower aspects of self (ego)  experience and act out certain dramas. This realization and acknowledgment of a higher, more expansive  aspect of self is one of the first steps to expand your consciousness and ultimately move towards the freedom of spiritual enlightenment. 

expand your consciousness through witnessing

It’s pretty difficult to stay embroiled in any presently occurring drama to any real extent once we’ve activated the observer within. As we witness our lower aspects of self in action, it’s near impossible to continue along the same course. The very identification of thoughts and actions committed by our lower aspects of self, in itself changes the very energy dynamic involved. In such an instance, we’ve added a level of higher consciousness. Higher consciousness always results in a higher personal vibration or frequency and when we vibrate higher, lower thoughts and actions will no longer feel compatible. A new level of thought will become accessible when we activate our observer. When you adopt a perspective of a higher vibrational energy, you expand your consciousness.

a meaningful shift through activating the observer within

Several nights ago, as I helped prepare my daughter for bed, a struggle of our lower egos occurred. We were choosing her clothes for school the next day, and she was looking for a specific jacket she wanted to wear. Her room was an unruly mess with clothes and toys lying in disarray. In typical mom fashion I began reprimanding her for not keeping her room clean. As I explained to her that it was no wonder she couldn’t find the jacket she was looking for in such a mess, her angst escalated. She began crying and making a scene, saying she absolutely had to have the jacket. In keeping with the drama of the moment, my anger escalated and I took my tirade about cleaning her room to the next level.

Suddenly, I activated the observer within, and immediately saw the ensuing drama from a completely different perspective. I observed myself acting in a manner that was aligned with the perspective of my lower ego. In making my daughter feel bad for the messy room, I was only increasing her anxiety level. If I continued along the course I’d started here, the outcome would likely be two unhappy people. I immediately made a decision to shift my actions to match my perspective.

It was interesting to see that without me saying a word, my daughters perspective seem to shift almost immediately along with my own. As she pulled up her nightgown, I could see that a toy doll carriage had snagged on its collar and dangled there like a Christmas tree ornament. I immediately started laughing as I pointed it out to her. She instantly went from crying to laughing herself and the entire energy shifted.

“I know my room is messy mom,” she told me, smiling. “I’ll try to keep it cleaner.” As she skipped out of her room, still laughing about the toy attached to her nightgown, she informed me that she knew of another jacket she could wear to school the next day. In mere moments, the entire episode has evolved into one of lightness and humor.

Like any behavior or point of view, activating the observer within becomes habitual when we practice it regularly. When you expand your consciousness on a regular basis, shifting to a higher perspective becomes second nature. Mindfulness meditation is a great exercise for strengthening our ability to activate the observer within, as is practicing

present moment awareness It’s best to initially begin practicing this shift in perspective when you’re already in a positive place emotionally. To do this, simply begin watching yourself as you think and choose certain actions. Observe the thoughts as they form in your mind and follow them to see where they go. The moment you become observant of the actual activation of thoughts within your own mind, you’ve achieved success in activating the observer within!


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