Exercise for Expanding Consciousness Quickly

Expanding consciousness involves adopting a new and wider perspective. It means opening your mind and perception to a different reality than the one you are presently experiencing.

expanding consciousness - a step back to a wider perspective

The act of expanding consciousness results in an ability to look at the same things and come up with a different perspective. The expansion of consciousness is a necessary step in Spiritual Personal Growth. Without an ability to expand our consciousness, we will remain ‘stuck’ within one, rigid perspective and thus will only ever experience one unchanging reality.

The following exercise for expanding consciousness works quickly to affect a change of perspective. I practice this exercise often as it has the ability to instantly move me into a place and perspective where I can look at the present circumstances of my life in new and more expansive ways.

relax, envision, expand

Allow yourself to relax in an environment where there is little disturbance. Close your eyes and take a few deep, cleansing breaths.

Feel your present energy as it sits within your body. Focus upon the center of your forehead, and allow all of your attention to move into your sense of ‘being.’ Center all of your focus upon the ‘mind’ part of self.

Envision a tree that is familiar to you. It may be one that grows in your yard or one that you pass by frequently. Allow your consciousness to enter into the tree, becoming one with the energy of it. Feel the ‘beingness’ of the tree. Feel the way the tree breathes, grows….feel and sense your own consciousness inhabiting it as its branches reach up to the sunlight.

Now allow your consciousness to move into the various parts of the tree; the leaves, the tiny branches that branch off from the larger ones, the roots. Really allow yourself to get a sense of ‘being’ as you visualize and feel your way through the various parts of the tree.

Next, allow your consciousness to become to air surrounding the tree. Feel the freedom of movement as you swirl and dance around the tree, sustaining it and all of the life forms it encompasses.

Next, move your focused consciousness to the sun. Become the fiery ball of energy that sustains all of life upon earth. Feel the power within and become one with it.

Allow your sense of being to expand further. Become the creator of that sun and everything that benefits from it. Feel the intent behind your creation. Perceive how it feels to have the kind of confidence and power to create on that grand scale. Own this confidence and power and spend several moments reveling in it.

Now, allow your consciousness to expand yet further. Become the energy force beyond the creator of the earthly plane. Feel your consciousness expand to a vastness that knows no boundaries. Spend as much time here as feels comfortable.

To come out of this exercise, move your consciousness backwards through each step you took previously until you are once again focusing upon the spot in your forehead.

I find that no matter what I may be experiencing in my daily life, this exercise always has the ability to provide a huge shift of perspective. Often this is all that I require to gain a completely new outlook on any troubling or mystifying circumstances that I’m currently experiencing.

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