Expanding Consciousness

Recognizing Higher Levels of Consciousness and Living them

When we embark upon the journey towards expanding consciousness, we reach a point where we will likely ask ourselves; Now that I’m aware that these higher levels of consciousness exist and I’ve experienced what it feels like to sporadically perceive through higher consciousness, how can I live from this perspective from moment to moment, day to day.

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expanding consciousness - the bridge

I see the bridge between consciously becoming aware of expanding consciousness and actually living from these higher levels of consciousness as an important stage of spiritual growth. When we find our moment to moment experience and our moment to moment responses to that experience, fully reflecting a higher level of consciousness, we have arrived at an important juncture on our path towards ever expanding consciousness.

It is one thing to recognize that higher levels of consciousness exist and to embark upon a path towards higher consciousness, but quite another to arrive at a place where we LIVE this knowing. Putting our beliefs about the nature of reality into practice is one of the most difficult steps along the path towards expanding consciousness, however it is the step that will ultimately change the nature of our earthly experience.

How do we bridge the gap between knowing higher levels of consciousness and living them? How is it that we can intellectually ‘know’ that higher levels of consciousness will afford us a different perspective that will prevent suffering, yet we often find it so very difficult to adopt that perspective at will?

In my experience, bridging the gap between knowing higher levels of consciousness and living from them, lies in diligent practice. Click on the following link to read: Techniques For Living from higher levels of consciousness. The physical experience, in all of its persistent ‘realism’ is no doubt a captivating one. By its very nature it seems designed to suck us into the drama. One moment we can be lucid and completely aware of reality and its illusive nature, only to almost instantly completely forget as the action before us transforms into something that is simply too compelling for us to rise above.The journey towards spiritual growth for many of us seems to involve many stops and starts along the way.

I liken the process of awakening to the true nature of reality, as becoming lucid within a night-time dream. I personally have had the experience of awakening within a dream while sleeping and as a result, experienced the importance of the unfolding drama completely loose its hold on me, only to fall back asleep and become one with the action of the dream, thus once again, becoming lost to my emotions within the unfolding drama at hand. Often, within the same dream, I’ll become lucid and become immersed back into the dream, many times over before I awaken from my sleep. In these instances I am always in awe over just how easy it was to move from the higher consciousness of knowing I was ‘only dreaming’ into the full on belief that what I was experiencing was ‘real.’

I’ve found that certain habits can be extremely helpful to help us along our journey towards expanding consciousness. Just as I have developed a habit of asking myself, ‘is this a dream of waking reality,’ while dreaming, to assess whether or not I am asleep and dreaming or not, I have also adopted certain practices within waking life to alert me to the fact that all that I am experiencing is merely a construct of my own expanded consciousness. I find that the more habitual these practices become, the easier I find it to live within higher levels of consciousness consistently. The perspective afforded me from such a vantage point is one that makes it virtually impossible to suffer emotionally.

Expanding Consciousness One Step at a Time: What Does it Feel Like to Really LIVE from Higher Levels of Consciousness?

While I’m admittedly not yet at the point where I live my every waking moment from the vantage point of higher levels of consciousness where I’m perpetually in full awareness of the illusive nature of reality, I do find myself ‘being there’ more and more lately. It is a perspective and state that has an amazing effect on the quality and nature of my day to day, moment to moment experience.

To me, living from higher levels of consciousness means perceiving the occurrences of my moment to moment experiences and taking subsequent action from a place of knowingness regarding the malleable nature of the reality before me. It means taking full responsibility for all that I experience and realizing that physical life is merely a playground of sorts to support a temporary adventure that I am here to enjoy. It means, recognizing that there is a larger, more perceptive part of myself that has created the ‘me’ that I experience in this physical life and that all that I experience here in the physical realm is merely an illusion of sorts created by this expanded self. It means knowing that whenever I am experiencing suffering of any kind that I am viewing life from a perspective vastly different than that of the larger part of me…that I am failing to view physical life from the ‘true’ perspective. And with all this said, It means recognizing that the journey towards expanding consciousness is one that should bring me joy and that there is no one measuring or taking score of whether I actually ‘get there’ or not.

In summation, my version of moving from the journey towards expanding consciousness to the living of higher levels of consciousness means recognizing on a moment to moment basis that all that I experience is merely a creation of my expanded self and that I came here for the adventure of it all. There is nothing inherently ‘serious’ or ‘real’ about any of this.


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