Experiences with the Supernatural

Many of us have read about the many tens of thousands of reports about the supernatural on the internet. Many have apparently experienced some form of spirit contact. Some in a very personal way. Some pleasant, others not so much so. How do you explain this "connection" with Life after Death, etc. Are these good forces, bad forces or some of both? Exactly WHAT are they?

How can there be that many people from all over he world reporting such experiences. Lots of them are of a sexual encounter.... some repeatedly over many years?

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May 18, 2011
Re: Life after Death Experiences
by: Faye

I cannot personally speak to supernatural experiences of a sexual nature or those that appear to be negative. It's been my experience that we connect with the energy of spirit by elevating our own energetic vibration through conscious focus upon love, peace and joy.

Many speak of supernatural contact with dark entities but I personally believe that if our vibration is high and positive, this is simply impossible. The mere existence of dark 'spirits' is questionable in my opinion....we quite simply come to experience that which is a match to our energy and expectations. Therefore an experience of supernatural nature that involved a dark spirit or energy would very much be dependent upon the energy being emitted by the one having the experience.

Life after death communication with our deceased loved ones is, in my experience, very real and very possible. Successful contact is dependent upon our own personal energy and expectation.

These afterlife experiences of communication with deceased loved ones can have a profound healing effect upon our ability to cope with grief. In my opinion, there is nothing 'dark' whatsoever in making contact with those that we love who have passed from the physical.

First hand knowledge that life after death really does exist has a way of transforming our entire experience of life itself.

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