Experiencing The Power Of Crystals

by Christian

OK, I am new to the Crystal thing but for some time I've always loved and wanted to know more about crystals. However now I've been wanting to study these crystals I mean crystals are something that could be soo cool to experiment with. I would like to know where did you come up with this belief? And do you have crystals you can give away after all I would like to learn all I can from them. Call me Lord Vortex this name i prefer!Anyways can you lend me one or teach me about these wonderful objects?

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Sep 16, 2010
Crystal Power
by: Faye

Hey there Lord Vortex! Crystals are amazing and so beautiful to look at. For many years now, I've kept crystals around me and on my person. They truly do seem to magnify, anchor and even exude a particular energy. I'm just now really getting into studying the ways in which they are created, how they're formed, how long it takes for a crystal to form and the conditions required for their creation within the earth.

I plan on doing more articles about them and will soon be selling wire-wrapped crystal jewelry on my site.

If you google "crystals" you can find many sources of sale. Prices range from minimal to more depending upon the size, type and quality of the crystal.

For more info. on crystals and crystal power keep in touch with my site...I should be featuring more crystal articles very soon!

Thanks so much for taking the time to post your comment! I so appreciate hearing from you!

Love and Peace,

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