Faye's Psychic Readings By email

by Kim

This is a testimonial to Faye's psychic readings by email;

I just received my psychic reading by email this morning and was absolutely blown away!

Faye's reading was shockingly accurate...felt like she knows me personally and all the stuff that's been circling around me lately too! I'm not sure how she does that, but she certainly does have a gift.

In her psychic reading by email, she also gave me valuable insight into a couple of others in my life. It was as though she knew them personally. Left me wondering, how does she do that!?

I also loved the way the reading is divided into sections; She goes into how lined up you are (or are not, currently, in my case) with current desires and how you can become more atuned to them.

As well as answering each of the questions thoroughly, She also gives incredibly insightful and meaningful messages from spirit. These spoke to my soul! And she also had a separate section where she doid a tarot card layout and explained what the cards show.

In all, I received over 4 pages of information all specifically about me and my current issues. The reading went into far more detail than I had anticipated and went into more detail than any other reading I've ever had.

I was also able to send her an email after I received my psychic reading and she happily elaborated upon something that she mentioned and that I wanted to go a little deeper on.

I'd recommend Faye's psychic readings by email to anyone seeking a psychic reading. As someone testified to on her psychic reading page, this reading is very much both a psychic reading and a law of attraction coaching session in one. It was well worth the price and better than any in person or phone reading I've ever had.

What I really like is that I have it all in writing and can refer back to it anytime I like..there's so much there in terms of information that I can consult anytime I begin to question where I'm headed over the course of the upcoming year.

Thank You Faye and please use this as a testimonial so other can experience your wonderful talents!

Kim - UK.

Dear Kim,

You are so welcome and I'm so pleased to hear that the reading resonated so well with you. Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing them.

With Love,

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