Finding Life Purpose

Finding life purpose appears to be one quest  that escapes very few of us. The idea of finding purpose, a distinctive path or a personal calling in life that we can identify as our own, is one embraced by many. Many of us search for meaningful, joy inducing activity in our life with fervor and diligence, yet despite our efforts, it often continues to evade us.

finding life purpose

What is life purpose? For most of us, finding our life purpose involves discovering an activity that pays us money that also brings great joy and meaning to our life and to our spirit. Combining an activity that brings us joy with one that pays the bills,  is often the part we have difficulty with. So often the activities in life that bring us joy are not the ones that seem to bring us money. In this sense, life purpose can seem to be evasive.

It's been my experience that we discover a calling in life by adopting a broader perspective and definition of life purpose. When we understand and embrace the idea that our largest, overall purpose in physical life is to connect with our spirit and experience joy, then the quest for finding life purpose becomes much easier. The attainment of joy itself becomes our measuring stick of a successful life. When we find ourselves successfully fulfilling our overall life purpose, more specific and defined means of experiencing joy begin to unfold in our reality.

 Finding Life Purpose - Stop Looking for it and enjoy the journey

We rarely find  purpose in life by actively looking for it. It's been my experience that life purpose comes to us when we live every aspect of our life 'on purpose.' This means making a decision to embrace each moment and each facet of life that currently presents itself to us. If we're currently employed in a job where little satisfaction exists, begin looking for any small aspects of this job that you do enjoy, and magnify them! This requires adopting an attitude of appreciation rather than criticism. 

When we live with the intent to experience the highest level of joy possible in any given moment, regardless of present circumstances, we attune ourselves towards the very best that the universe (our own personal reality) has to offer.

When we make a habit of living in the state of acceptance and gratitude, our impulses will rise to a level where they they quite literally, take us by the hand, and  guide us unwavering towards our highest path, thus making finding life purpose as easy as following the path of our smallest urgings towards truth, in doing this,  we are following our spirit, or perhaps even better said, allowing spirit to show us the way.  Thus, we do not ever really  have to actively  search for our path or life purpose, rather, if we can relax into a sense of trust, and get out of the way, life purpose  reveals itself to us.

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