Follow Your Bliss

follow your bliss

Harness The Powerful Law Of Attraction

Follow Your Bliss. No one ever said it as well as Joseph Campbell, with his now famous quote.

The enjoyment of life is enhanced when we freely  follow our spiritual, individual, passionate urgings.  Spirit speaks to us through the events and circumstances in life that bring us to a place of bliss and joy. Each of us is unique in the sense that we all possess different likes and dislikes. It is this unique aspect of individuation that allows us each to harness the law of attraction and  expand our consciousness,  reach higher levels of spiritual awareness  through the pursuit of our passions. The world itself expands and opens to you when you follow your bliss. 

Follow Your Bliss - Honoring Your Uniqueness

Many it seems would like to deny the aspect of self that is responsible for individualized desire and passion, claiming that these represent aspects of ego. Some may even say that it's selfish, even hedonistic  to follow your bliss. 

I personally hold a much different view. In fact, the word ego, as I’ve come to understand it, should really be divided into two parts in order to accurately represent its meaning; lower ego and higher ego. (Of course, these levels can also be further sub-divided). Lower ego is representative of  contracted consciousness or a more narrow perspective. Higher ego, encompasses a broader perspective of higher awareness and expanded consciousness.

Without any ego whatsoever, we’d have no unique personalized sense of self or personality. It is through identification with a specific personality that we are able to identify our personal passionate urgings. Without such identification, we’d be unable to ‘follow our bliss.’ I truly believe that each of us has chosen to enter into the physical realm for a purpose. When you choose to freely follow your bliss, you align with that unique purpose.

We have chosen to don a physical body and specific personality which provides us with a unique personalized outlook on life. It is this unique outlook and perspective that gives us each our own path to follow towards the achievement of bliss.

Harness And Employ Law Of Attraction

follow your bliss

What does it mean ‘to follow our bliss’? Following our bliss involves acknowledging and acting upon the urges from within that beckon to us. We know we are following our bliss when taking action makes our hearts soar and our passions rise. We know we are experiencing bliss when we feel lighter, more excited and feel more loving acceptance towards others. Essentially following and achieving our bliss results in expanded consciousness  and a shift in our personal vibration.

However, following your bliss does not necessarily mean acquiescing to every knee-jerk impulse that jumps into our awareness. All of us have a hierarchy of priorities; encompassing life goals that we uphold above all else. To experience true bliss, our actions must align with these priorities.

For example; If I feel an urge to eat an entire cake, and one of my highest priorities is to increase my health and fitness and reach my ideal weight, unless I’m incredibly good at present moment awareness to the exclusion of any thoughts about past or present, any bliss I experience while eating the cake will likely be rather minute and short-lived. If however, no strong health or weight concerns or priorities exist, and the urge to eat the cake is strong – I’d say, Go ahead and enjoy!

Many argue that to follow one’s inner urgings is dangerous and that to advocate doing this gives people license to indulge in selfish and hedonistic behaviors. My motto is; “We’re here to have fun,” therefore anything that brings me joy in the moment, without harming others is fair game in my opinion!

Some of my personal priorities in life are as follows: I want to experience joy. I want to be a wonderful mother to my kids. I want to live authentically. I want to feel peace and contentment. Whenever I choose to follow my inner urgings that also align with my priorities, the attainment of bliss will be assured. .

We have specific and unique passions for a reason. By following those passions we are being led to the discovery of the highest version of ourselves possible. Following our bliss, passion and joy, enhances our spiritual growth and expands our consciousness. When we follow our most basic urges, while keeping our highest priorities in mind, we literally have before a map to the achievement of peace, happiness and joy!

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