Grieving For A Deceased Loved One

by Steffy
(Phoenix, Arizona)

I am 20 years old but I had found the love of my life.

Cody and I had been together 3 years before getting married. We got married on April 16th 2011 and are expecting our first child.

Our baby is due March 2012- Less then 1 week away from my due date and Cody will not be here to share that moment with me.

I lost Cody Jan 16 2012 it will be one month tomorrow.
Cody was shot and killed by Buckeye Police officers.
Everything is under investigation right now.

Cody was only 21 years old, he was full of life. He was the kind of person everyone wishes they could be.

I love cody from the first day i met him. He had an energy to him and he was always so thoughtful and understanding.

Cody was my best friend, my companion. My husband.

I am in a lot of pain, Cody and I had so many plans, we had a great future ahead of us. He was so excited to be a father and now he will never get to hold his son.

Everyday gets harder with out him. I'm confused as to why something like this had to happen when he and I were so happy.

The pain is overwhelming. Cody is on my mind all day. I miss waking up next to him. I miss holding him and kissing him. I miss his voice and his beautiful blue eyes. Cody was my better half. He kept me strong.

I am so alone now, so angry at life, but I know I have to live for our son, but it hurts so much.

Cody was my rock, we were young and so in love. We met before I started high school 6 years ago and dated all through high school. We got married last April and we bought our first house. we were getting everything ready for our new family.

Cody was so special to so many people. His funeral was Jan. 23rd
and it was packed. He impacted so many people with his personality and beauty.

I miss you Cody and I don't know what to do with out you,
I am going crazy, I want to be a good mother to our son but I don't know how without you. Our baby is going to be here in a few weeks and you wont be able to hold him.
I'm sorry Cody I wish I could have taken all the bullets. Life will never be the same. I miss you I miss everything about you.

Dearest Steffy,

Please accept my heartfelt condolences. I cannot imagine the magnitude of the loss you must be feeling. Grieving for a deceased loved one is never easy, but your circumstances sound extenuating.

While I mostly focus upon helping those who are grieving for a deceased loved one, through helping them to open up to after death communication, it's of the utmost importance in many cases, to minister to our broken heart first.

A very large part of coping with the death of a loved one and helping with the grieving for a deceased loved one, is to minister to our own spirit and through this we can often create an open space where we can then begin to hear the voice of our deceased loved one.

Please have faith that your beloved husband is as close as close can be. The Why's concerning all of this are indeed the most difficult to answer and perhaps it could be said, they never really do get answered, but instead we somehow find a way to accept the unacceptable.

I so hope you have people around you to help support you during this time...friends or family? Also, perhaps you'd consider seeing a grief counselor, pastor, minister or even a qualified psychic medium..? There are simply times in life where we require the support of others and our initial strength lies in our ability to reach out and ask.

My heart goes out to you Steffy,

With Love,

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Mar 08, 2015
I lost my love too. Hang in there they are with us.
by: stevie

Hi please know I share your pain my boyfriend of 5 years just drown I feel your pain. We are all here for you. He is there right with you, if you just sit real quiet you will feel him I promise. He wants you to know he is Ok. This baby is going to bring you joy like you have never known. Love is all around you. Hugs

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