Grieving the loss of a Loved One

by Karl Friedrich Ernst August Wilhelm von Hoppenstaedt.
(Hannover, 30419, Niedersachsen, Deutschland.)

Funeral homes often prey upon people in their weakest moments. Often they'll show the most expensive casket they have to offer first. When the grieving family members balk at the price, they'll show the worst they have to offer. The effect is almost always the same: the family members will then be guilted into buying something above their means to "show their love for the deceased." I came here looking for hope that my Opa may still exist in some way, following his death a few hours ago. I didn't expect to find anyone selling books, preying on my sorrow.

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Nov 06, 2011
Re: Looking for assurance that your loved one lives on (Karl)
by: Faye

Dear Karl,

Please accept my condolences regarding your recent loss. I'm sure you're still reeling from the shock and grief of it all.

That said, I'm kind of shocked that you would compare the sale of my book on my own website to a funeral director attempting to take advantage of someone at their time of grief.

This entire website is filled with original material (hundred of free articles actually)...personal stories I've written sharing my own experiences with my communications with my deceased brother. ALL of them are FREE. I share these expressly for the purpose of helping others to know that their loved ones truly do live on.

Yes, I wrote a book following my brothers death as I was receiving some stunning signs and synchronicities and Yes, I do offer it for sale on this site.

In no way am I forcing anyone to buy anything from my website and I believe that if you're not interested in purchasing my book you will still find a plethora of helpful (and FREE) material here that might be of help.

All the best to you in your endeavors to find solace.....I have no doubt that your loved one is nearby and more than willing to offer you validation of his continued presence.


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