Grieving The Loss of My Father

by Rebecca Grady
(Louisville, KY.)

I have been going through extreme grief over my Fathers passing. He told me a week before he died, when he knew he wasn;t going to live, he said " I want you to be Happy." He always hated when I cried, really hated it.

Today I went to the cemetery. Ive been out there a few times since his passing in Nov. Ive never felt his presence like today. It was my 50th birthday.

I just came from church where i was baptized (he was very religious). I was baptized when I was young, but wanted to do it by my choice. So after church I went to this plot. I was so sad, I laid on the ground along the side of his place, crying my eyes out. Then as clear as can be I heard his voice say "GET UP" it was so strong and clear. I immediately got up. It kinda freaked me out, because I hadn't experience anything like that. I know he was with me and spoke to me.
I'm certain of this.

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Jun 06, 2011
Dear Rebecca,
by: Faye

Thanks so much for sharing your after death communication story. How wonderful that despite your deep grief you were able to hear the voice of your father....sounds like a very powerful ADC experience!

In my experience, once this connection is made and acknowledged, the path for further communications has been laid...wishing you all the best.

With Love,

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