Receiving Spiritual Guidance while sleeping

Asking for and receiving spiritual guidance through dreams is easy if you know how. I've gotten into the habit of asking for dream guidance prior to going to sleep. If we pay attention, it can be seen that spirit speaks to us and offers us valuable wisdom and spiritual guidance through our dreams. The messages are there for us if we only take the time to look.

Keep a Dream Journal and Pen Bedside

When working with dreams, it helps to keep paper and pen handy to record information as you awaken. It's extremely common to forget dream content once we fully awaken adn begin moving about in preparation for our day.

keeping pen and paper beside, ensures that we can record our dream impressions immediately upon waking, thus not losing pertinent information or answers to memory.

Dreams are capable of providing great clarity on issues involving our every day waking life, our physicality, emotionality and spirituality. Receiving answers through dreams is a wonderful way to get to the nuts and bolts of a personal issue. If you get into the habit of taking a few moments prior to sleep to "program" your dreaming process, you'll be amazed at all your dreams will reveal.

Receiving Guidance through dreams becomes easier and easier with practice. After a few weeks of asking questions prior to sleep and recording any dreams remembered upon waking, you'll be successfully receiving guidance through dreams on a regular basis.

Guidance through dreams - getting to the heart of the matter

Receiving guidance through dreams is a wonderful way to get to the heart of any problem or issue. When we ask for guidance through dreams, our higher self is more than happy to accommodate. All we need to do is to pay attention and listen.

Dreams speak to us in symbols. As such the spiritual guidance we receive through them, speaks directly to the heart of the issue we are asking about.

Dreams also are strong on feeling. I often find that the answer I'm asking for through dreams,  comes through in the form of feeling, Thus, along with any memories of specific experience or circumstances, it's important to record the feeling that underscored it all in the dream.

Spiritual guidance through dreams can be obvious or subtle. It's important to remember that our own unique dream landscape utilizes specific symbols that are meaningful to us. When attempting to decipher dream symbols, I find that a more literal interpretation is best. Spirit will relay the answer you seek in the clearest way possible, in hopes that you will grasp it.

I've often found myself looking far too deep when it comes to deciphering the messages spirit sends from the dream state, when really, the answer was all too obvious.

The process - Asking for guidance from spirit prior to sleep

1. Begin by writing down your question or issue you require guidance from spirit about at the top of the paper.

2. Deeply feel your intent to receive guidance from spirit and connect with your sense of trust that this will happen.

3. Go to sleep with full confidence that you will in fact receive an answer.

4. Immediately upon awakening, record every aspect of your dream(s) that you can. Include all action, experience, sights, sounds, colors, and most importantly, feelings involved.

5. Peruse your recorded dream for any obvious symbols that jump out as being obvious. The more literal the better.

6. If an immediate answer does not reveal itself in step five, Get up and go about preparing for your day. Allow at least one hour before returning to your recorded dream to try again to ascertain an inherent answer within it.While at times the guidance from spirit is immediately obvious upon awakening,  I sometimes find that  allowing a bit of time between recording the dream and interpreting any guidance from spirit, helps.

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