Healing The World

Many self described “light workers” I’ve come across, are intent upon healing the world.   Their  stance hinges upon the idea that the world as a whole,  is broken or out of balance and thus, needs to be fixed/healed.

 The very idea that the world needs healing indicates the presence of delusion, an absence of clarity.


Healing The World By Hating It?

The problem is the belief that the world needs to be healed, or that it  can be changed to our desired utopia,  via a focus upon what is currently wrong.

To stand in judgement of a broken world, pointing outwards to the wrongs committed by ‘others,’ is essentially on par with looking for love, (In this case, in the form of change), in all the wrong places.

Love begets love. Judgement/hatred begets its own counterpart, (more of the same). If you long for a different world than the one that appears to you, there is only one way to that - BE the change you want to see.


Where Many “Lightworkers” Go Wrong

Being human, to some degree entails recognizing surface problems and taking action to solve/alleviate them. However, there is an important distinction between judging a facet of the story to be unwanted or in need of change, vs. judging the world as a whole, in it's entirety, to be a problem.

One can single out a facet of the world he’d like to see changed, without believing the entire world en masse, is in need of healing.  The world after all,  is just an appearance arising within Being. The fundamental Truth is, despite what appears, fundamental perfection reigns.  

Yes, “The world” is just an idea, albeit an extremely encompassing one. It is comprised of this present moment experience, which encompasses past experience (memory) as well as ideas about the future.  “The world” then, is not an actual,  objective ‘thing’ that exists independent of us, rather, it arises within/to that which we really are, within unfettered Being. 

One who is awake and who is  truly intent upon healing or changing a facet of the world that appears to him, knows all too well that it’s an inside job, that pointing outwards in judgement towards all those ‘others’ who are not behaving as we think they should be, is a losing battle.

The more we stand in judgement of the world that appears before us, the deeper into darkness we go.  She who stands mired in judgement about all she deems to have gone wrong, is like a magnet to more of that which she is fighting against.

 The world that appears to me is but a reflection of my inner-most focus. If I stand firmly entrenched in a position of judgement, in a place that says there is something deeply wrong with the world as a whole, that’s an indicator that I’m out of synch with the Truth of Being.  

You cannot uplift others from a position of being mired in darkness. The light-worker who  argues that in constantly bringing the light of awareness to the ills of the world, she’s helping to heal it, has failed to realize that positive change comes about through alignment with your highest vision.  If you spend any more time on a perceived problem of the world than giving a mere mention before then turning your focus towards the desired outcome, you’re  creating more of that which you say you don’t want.



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