Hello From Heaven By Bill and Judy Guggenheim

A Book Review

Hello From Heaven; A Review of this uplifting book about after death communication.

Hello from Heaven is a wonderfully well written and  uplifting book. I recommend it to anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one, who is  coping with grief or seeking proof of life after death. This book not only has a tremendous ability to offer help to the bereaved and  coping with grief, but it also has the power to strengthen and uphold one’s belief in an afterlife.

  The authors of this book, Bill and Judy Guggenheim have done an extensive job of researching this phenomena. Their research spans seven years and involves more than 3300 firsthand accounts from people who believe they have been contacted by a deceased loved one.

Hello From Heaven - A bounty of personal stories detailing various forms of after death communication

  This book contains an impressive collective of 353 personal stories detailing various forms of after death communication. These stories are incredibly personal and equally compelling regardless of the specific form of after death communication they fall under.

These accounts are divided into categories and sub-types of after death communication. The various forms of communication from the afterlife covered in this book include; sentient, olfactory, visual, twilight, sleep state, out-of-body, telephone and symbolic after death communications. The stories in this book alert us to the fact that absolutely anyone can experience after death communication with their deceased loved one. The stories included come from people of all walks of life which speaks to the fact that no special circumstances, talents or skills  are required to receive communication from our loved ones on the other side, following their passing. 

This wonderfully uplifting book demonstrates to us that love is eternal and knows no bounds. It offers comfort and hope to all who are coping with grief and who yearn to be reunited with a deceased loved one. Reading this book  will help to alleviate any fears you may have about your own death.

Is there life after death? Will we be reunited with our deceased loved ones when we die? Can the deceased communicate with us now? Hello From Heaven answers all these questions and more and offers groundbreaking evidence that our deceased loved ones do indeed live on. A wonderful gift for the bereaved or anyone seeking to learn more about what happens when the physical body dies.

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