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by jaideep visave
(Mumbai, Maharasgtra state, India)

I am big time follower of Law of Attraction. I also believe in crystals, as it look stylish plus the various types of benefits. As I read the above article, it is clear that Clear quartz,AMETHYST and agate are the good one to generate and hold the positive thoughts.

Please tell me how to wear at once all this? any pendant? or ring? or bracelet?

P.S. I am disaster manager by professional, I am working with High Govt Authoritiesm hencepls suggest me some jewelry which will suite to my kind of profession and also give the rules to wear, if any.

Hello Jaideep,
It sounds as though with your line of work, it would be important not to have anything that could get in the way, therefore, anything you wear will have to be very small. My sense is that the size of the crystals does not matter, so if you were to fashion a piece of jewelry from the crystals, it need not get in the way.

Or, Perhaps you could carry very small crystals, secured in a small pouch that is secured inside a pocket even, rather than a piece of jewelery...?

Hope that helps a little. Ultimately, it depends upon your personal taste and what will work with the work that you do.

With Love,

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