Higher Levels of Consciousness

Practices and Techniques for Living from an Expanded Vantage Point

Living from higher levels of consciousness, means living with higher levels of freedom.

As I explained in my last blog post, Expanding Consciousness - Incorporating consciousness into  Daily Living, the bridge from intellectual knowing about higher levels of consciousness and actually living from an expanded state of consciousness on a day to day, moment to moment basis can be a difficult one to cross.

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reminders for abidance in higher levels of consciousness

I’ve found that living from the perspective of expanded levels of consciousness becomes much easier when I regularly implement certain practices and techniques. These techniques are simply reminders that I’ve put in place to re-direct myself back to living and acting from higher levels of consciousness. Once we hold a knowing regarding the true nature of reality, regular reminders are really all we need to ensure that we live this knowledge.

An increase in one's  Level of Consciousness is a reflection of the thoughts he entertains on a moment to moment basis. While many of us who are on a journey towards expanding consciousness have discovered that mindfulness meditation or the purposeful cessation of thought, is an important tool in reaching higher levels of consciousness, when we go about our day to day activities, we generally do engage in thought. The nature of the thoughts that we think can have a profound effect upon our state of consciousness.

I generally allow my thoughts to do as they please so long as I’m feeling positive emotion and enjoyment, however, the moment that I begin to experience negative emotion, I pause. I allow myself to really sink into the emotion and feel its full intensity. In doing so, I’m able to pin-point the thoughts behind the emotion and to get the full effect of the place it is coming from. With this information in the forefront of my mind, I then simply remind myself of what I know to be true. “The drama unfolding before me is merely a creation of my larger self. All is perfect. This thing is only ‘bad’ if I deem it to be so…and from the vantage point of my larger self, all is well. What I am experiencing is the equivalent of a dream.”

What we tell ourselves at this point may differ slightly. In short, you want to tell yourself something that lessens the pain and negativity of the moment and that supports more positivity.  You want to tell yourself your personal version of ‘the true nature of reality.’ This will be the ‘truth’ that you’ve come to when you’ve had the experience of accessing higher levels of consciousness.

Used in this context, negative emotions can act as a ‘pivot point’ through which a redirection of thought can occur. When we reach a certain level of expanded consciousness within our journey towards spiritual growth, we’ll likely reach a point where we actually welcome a negative emotion as it serves as an opportunity for us to practice this technique. As with all habitual practices, the more we use this technique, the more ingrained it will become. I’m imagining a place Along the path towards expanding consciousness where I will hit a point where I no longer need to ‘remind’ myself of the true nature of the reality before me, where this knowledge will instead simply exist as the basis from which the ‘isness’ of my total experience unfolds.

What do we gain from present moment living from these levels of higher consciousness? In general, freedom from suffering and emotional pain. A day to day experience of living from higher levels of consciousness will appear as a dance or sorts, where all action and all emotion will emanate from a knowing that my physical experience and all that it contains is a reflection of my thoughts and that the overall experience of myself and my creations is at its helm being created by a larger part of ‘me.’ Living from such a vantage point will result in an abundance of all of the positive aspects of physical life and freedom from emotional suffering.


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