How Do Tarot Cards Work?

How do tarot cards work? This is a question that at best, can only be answered through a certain degree of speculation.

What I am quite sure about is the fact that while I do not know with certainty the answer to the question, how do tarot cards work, I do know that for whatever reason, They do. A tarot card reading does have an uncanny ability to tell me a great deal about a person’s past present and future.

I’ve come some distance since first learning how to read tarot cards back in my early twenties. However, even back then, a mere novice at tarot card reading, I was regularly astonished at the accurate portrayal of life circumstances that a reading was able to provide.

And even now, many years later, I am still awed by how the tarot cards are somehow able to mirror and accurately forecast the very specific circumstances of an individual’s life.

how do tarot cards work? the same way snychronicity works.

The mechanics of doing a tarot card reading are actually quite simple and really offer little in terms of answering this question.

Each tarot deck contains 78 cards and each card holds a very specific meaning that relates to human archetypes and typical dramas that are common to all of us. Each position in a tarot card spread represents a point along the time continuum or a particular facet or area of common life experience.

Where the ‘magic’ enters into the equation is in the uncanny ability the cards seem to have to accurately reflect, forecast and portray the actual life circumstances of a specific person.

In my early days of tarot cards reading, I often relied upon a client’s feedback following the reading in terms of assessing whether or not my tarot card reading had been accurate or not. I’d relay the story that the cards told me, sometimes not able to make clear logical sense of precisely was being revealed, but time and time again, my clients were not only validating the accuracy of the reading, but more often than not, they were emotionally moved by the depth and clarity what was being revealed by the tarot cards.

As time went on, my own psychic development and psychic ability flourished and my tarot card readings took on a new depth. For those of you interested in developing your own psychic ability, I would highly recommend purchasing a tarot card deck and learning how to read the tarot cards, as the process of aligning with the symbology of the cards and using this to intuit into a situation, seems to make the tarot cards a really good tool for psychic development.

What I continue to find fascinating to this day is that the tarot cards more often than not, accurately reflect information that I’ve previously received psychically from a client.

The moment I begin to read for a client, I become flooded with feelings, ideas, pictures and sounds and a ‘story’ or an impression begins to form in my mind. The tarot cards often simply serve to mirror that which I’ve already arrived at.

Thus, it could be said that I’ve outgrown the need to use the tarot cards as a tool for divination, however, I do choose to continue to use them as sometimes a tarot card spread will ‘firm up’ a hunch I’m having or will clarity a piece of information that might feel a bit fuzzy. While I may not be able to answer the question, Why do tarot cards work with accuracy, I can say with accuracy, that they DO work!

What’s amazing is the fact that as I lay the tarot cards out, I am usually able to predict specifically what cards will come up and the positions they will fall into. I am rarely wrong and this has undoubtedly further contributed to my belief in the accuracy of the tarot cards.

But, How Do Tarot Cards Work?

Now, while all of this has led me to deeply trust the accuracy of tarot cards, it still doesn’t answer the question: How do tarot cards work?

For the most part it seems that synchronicity is at the helm of an accurate tarot card reading. Synchronicity refers to those meaningful coincidences that defy the odds, and there’s little doubt that the pattern of falling of a grouping of cards is a synchonistic event IF those cards specifically and accurately reflect the circumstances and drama of the person's life you are reading for.

As with all forms of synchronicity, psychically intuiting the specifics of someone’s life occurs easiest when we’re feeling connected to the spirit within. This is how I explain why tarot card readings can be hit or miss depending upon who is doing the reading and how ‘connected’ they are at the time of doing the tarot card reading.

Thus, in answer to the question: How do tarot cards work? I’d have to say; They serve as a tool for synchronicity to flow through. They reflect the content of the intuitive mind of one who is connected to spirit.

tarot card reading questions:

Below I’ve added some questions about tarot cards and tarot card readings submitted by visitors to my website;

Q & A on the subject of: How do tarot card readings work?

Q. In regards to the question, how do tarot cards work, It seems to me that tarot cards simply provide symbols that reflect common circumstances and situations of humans in general and that it doesn’t matter how the cards fall, they’ll always say something that ‘seems’ to be relevant or accurate.

A. In one sense what you say here is true. The tarot cards, if read in a very non-specific, broad reaching manner, could likely have something pertinent to say to any person, regardless of their situation. IN this sense, it could be said that a tarot card reading, even performed by someone not particularly adept at doing readings, could have an ability to illuminate certain issues. Often if we are in a mode that is receptive to delving within to see and we hear something that resonates, we will look deeper. This is always valuable.

However, the readings I provide are very specific to the person I'm reading for. Also, these days, I generally already have a specific story taking shape in my mind prior to even laying out the cards. As I said above, it’s rare that the tarot cards do not confirm that precise and specific story that has already made its way into my awareness.

Q. I’ve had good tarot cards readings as well as some that were so inaccurate it was laughable. How do tarot card readings work in the context of good vs. bad readings?

A. An accurate tarot card reading is the result of a tarot card reader who is particularly ‘tuned in’ to spirit or the voice within. Some tarot card readers do not engage their intuition and instead, simply rely upon the symbols of the cards and the positions the tarot cards fall into. These types of readings will be very broad sweeping, dry and without emotional content and could apply to almost everyone in some way. A good tarot card reader should be able to provide information that is very specific to you and your current life circumstances.

Q. How do tarot cards work? Is there an inherent power within the cards themselves or does it all depend upon the one doing the reading?

A. I personally do not attribute any actual 'power' to the cards themselves, other than the fact that each of them symbolically represents a facet of human life. The cards are merely a 'tool' to access the intuition that lies within each of us. The question, how do tarot cards work, is not one any of us will likely receive a hard and pat answer to. There are simply certain things in this world that at present, evade scientific explanation.

Q. If you can pick up psychic information without the cards, why do you use tarot cards in your readings at all?

A. I am capable of providing psychic readings without any tools as I pick up information with my psychic abilities alone, however, I often find that the tarot cards offer another level of depth in terms of verifying the pictures and scenarios that are forming in my mind’s eye. Every now and again, the cards will alert me to a nugget of information that I had not picked up on, and thus, the tarot cards simply add a deeper element to my psychic readings to help assure that they are as accurate and as detailed as possible.

In summation; When it comes to answering the question: How do tarot cards work? I’d have to say that honestly, I do not know for sure. The answer lies in the same category as ‘how does psychic ability work? or how does synchronicity work? I do know that the tarot cards work best (to provide an accurate depiction of what is going on in someone’s life) when I myself am feeling a deep sense of connection to the spirit within.

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