How do we know when it's really After Death Communication?

by Kim

I've enjoyed reading your articles here particularly the ones on After Death Communication. I do believe in ADC but how do we know when a synchronicity or coincidence is really after death communication and not just a random, chance occurrence? I've had some interesting things happen following the death of a loved one and sometimes believe that I've had an after death communication but then other times I have doubt.

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Aug 07, 2010
Is it really after death communication?
by: Faye

Hi kim. It's human nature to question and when it comes to the subject of after death communication and spirituality in general, our skepticism usually comes into play.

I've found that through experiencing after death communication and accepting it as such, I've developed an internal barometer of sorts that alerts me to the fact that I am receiving actual after death communication. We all possess this mechanism.

Whenever I make after death contact with deceased loved ones OR connect to spirit in any way, I experience a sensation of my energy expanding. I feel a warmth spread throughout my chest and tingles run up and down my body. I feel my vibration soar and a feeling of profound well-being overtakes me.

In my experience, any occurrence that somehow reminds us of our deceased loved one can be viewed as a 'sign' of sorts. From their position in spirit, our deceased loved ones are closer to us than they've ever been. They share with us an intricate and intimate emotional connection...they're aware of our innermost perceptions.

There is no doubt in my mind that our level of belief and trust regarding the validity and reality of after death communication really does play a part receiving these types of communications.

I've personally stopped asking if something that occurred out of the ordinary and reminds me of the deceased is 'really' an after death communication or not. Instead, I've come to realize that the spirit og our loved ones is intricately woven into our everyday experience of life, therefore, anytime something pops us that reminds me of them, I simply accept the presence of their spirit.

Thanks for your question. I'd suggest trying to accept it ALL as after death communication....then just watch how the frequency of the more profound ADC's occur!

Nov 14, 2012
Been wondering that myself
by: Helen

This article's kind of topical for me as I'd been wondering whether my experiences had been real after death communications too - but in my case it was kind of odd, since as soon as I was starting to doubt, something else would happen that would convince me more that they really were signs!

Rather than type it all out again I'll link it here:

But I'm going with if I believe it could be a communication, then it is. That's what's helping me right now.

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