How To Improve Self Esteem

how to improve self esteem

Interested in how to improve self esteem? Your attention at this moment could not be better placed. High self esteem, which is directly related to  ‘self love,’ is the key that opens the door to a world where you feel free, happy  and empowered.  

Everything you come to see and experience while physically alive is intricately tied to how you see and feel about yourself. If your esteem of self is low, everything you perceive is being filtered through that sense of personal negation and  limitation and your entire experience, including relationship with others, suffers for it.

Thus, the question of how to improve self esteem, just might be the most important question you’ve ever asked.

Living The Law of Attraction – How Self Esteem Fits In

If you are wondering how to improve self esteem, that’s a good start. Obviously you have some degree of interest in and  understanding about the importance of holding yourself in high regard. The ways that your self esteem can become diminished,  are numerous and varied, but most have a great deal to do with past conditioning, most often beginning in childhood.

Most of us began receiving negative feedback about ourselves from the time we were toddlers. The adults who surrounded us, often had their own self esteem issues and thus, were attending to and interacting with us from their own sense of unworthiness.  

Many self help teachers advocate delving back into those memories, to try to ferret out the source of low self esteem, but often that focus results in the   activating those old memories and the negative energy they contain. Far better to start precisely where you stand, in this present moment, where the power to create change actually exists.

The ever present, cosmic law of attraction is intricately tied to  self esteem and the ways  it affects your day to day, moment to moment experience of life. To feel generally badly about yourself, is to essentially,  emit an abiding negative energy outwards to the universe, and that which  attract in terms of experience, is  always a reflection of that poor view you  of have of yourself.

How To Improve Self Esteem In The Easiest Way Possible? Start a Love Affair…. With Yourself!

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Do you recall how it feels when you first fall in love? Your beloved becomes central to your experience. Everything you do revolves around making that person you fell in love with, happy.  You see them in the most flattering light possible, often excusing blatant mistakes, flaws or  faux pas, that later in the relationship, you will just much more harshly.

It may sound silly, but if you truly want to know how to improve self esteem in record time, find a way to treat yourself even half as well as you would treat your beloved in a new love affair, and you’ll be well one your way to an increase in self esteem and self love.

Active Ways to Love Yourself:

When you notice negative self talk, interrupt immediately with a softer approach. Gently quell the inner critic, and in place of the negative self talk, find sometimes positive (that resonates as true) to replace it with.

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Go easy on yourself. When you find yourself in a mode of admonishment for some misguided action or transgression, immediately ask yourself if your lover were to have slipped up in a similar way, would you be taking the same tact with him/her. We are often so much harder on ourselves than we’d ever be with a lover or even a stranger for that matter.

Take one day per week, where you put yourself first in everything. You may find this difficult at first, as if you truly do have low self esteem, you are likely very used to putting the needs of others before your own. If you have children, this may seem next to impossible, but do the best you can. What would this look like? Basically, just be kind to yourself. Honor your feelings, honor your preferences. Treat and indulge  yourself today in small ways, or any way that occurs to you. Splurge a little, let yourself off the hook more than you normally would. If you’ve been on a diet or watching what you eat, this is a good day to indulge without guilt.

Take time to pamper yourself wherever possible, to honor your feelings without judgment and to give yourself love over self criticism at every possible turn. Largely, having a love affair with yourself involves becoming consciously aware of all the unnecessary judgments and negative self talk that you perpetrate upon yourself, and putting an end to  that.

But it also goes beyond, into becoming comfortable  lavishing the same kind of extra attention and caring kindness  upon yourself that you would so easily lavish upon a lover.

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