How To Talk To The Dead - A Course In After Death Communication

Do You Have A Deceased Loved One You Would Like To Communicate With?

Ever since my book, Poppies From Heaven, and Other Signs From the Hereafter was published, I've  received countless letters from the bereaved asking me how to talk to the dead. Many of these folks want to know why they are not receiving signs and telepathic after death communications, despite their intentions and efforts.  All of them are looking for easy ways to open themselves up to successful life after death communications with the loved ones that they are missing so much.

Why Communicate?... Comfort and Reassurance

comfort of after death communication with deceased loved ones

Communication with your deceased loved ones can provide immense comfort and reassurance to you, that they actually do live on, in a realm of joy and peace. Communication with the deceased, helps to reassure you that your loved one's interest in your life, here in the physical, continues and that they very much continue to be a part of your life, despite their physical death.

Learn How To Talk To The Dead With My Easy To Follow, 25 Page, Step By Step E-Course

A cours in after death communication

A Course In After Death Communication - A Concise, Step By Step, How To Guide For After Death Communication With The Deceased

after death communication

I created this 25 page long e-course in response to the overwhelming number of visitors to my site who have been asking for a clear-cut, step by step process they can follow to learn how to talk to the dead.

Learning how to communicate with your deceased loved ones, is not difficult, but it does require some very specific adjustments to focus. In my easy to follow e-course, I explain this in detail, along with the step by step instructions that will have you receiving signs and communications from your loved one, in some cases, immediately. 

Be Your Own Medium

be your own medium

While many are content to use a professional medium to communicate with their deceased loves ones, many others are seeking the comfort of a personal channel of communication with loved ones who have passed. There is nothing quite as convincing or uplifting as receiving first hand personal signs and communications from those we love.

Anyone can learn how to talk the dead, all it takes is a genuine desire, coupled with a willingness to learn.

My step by step ecourse will guide you through a systematic and ritualistic ‘alignment’ with spirit, that will have you communicating with your deceased loved ones effortlessly.

Testimonials For My After Death Communication Course

"This easy to follow, ritualistic process so clearly described in this course, leads you step by step through any doubts you may have, into confident communication with your deceased loved ones. I thought that only skilled mediums were capable of this type of communication, but I’ve learned that it really is possible for an ordinary person, like myself, to learn how to talk to the dead. Not only am I now receiving so many amazing signs from my deceased loved ones, but taking this course has also opened me up to my intuition in general. I now feel ‘tuned in’ on so many levels."

Amy P. Fl

"I took Faye’s ecourse on how to communicate with the dead just a little over two weeks ago. I’ve been receiving some truly astounding signs and communications from my mother through birds and butterflies. And just this morning, I felt her presence so strongly as I was getting ready for work that I cried tears of joy.

I think there’s something about the ritualistic way the six steps are laid out in this course that seem to lead to a gradual, but very real opening to after death communication.

This ecourse on how to talk to the dead really works and it’s really simple to follow along with and move through each step as the process is so clearly outlined. The descriptions and instructions given are so simple and so concise that there really is no way you could go wrong. It was fun to do and the results have been quite astounding!

Each step builds upon the next and each one is really enjoyable, not ‘work’ at all.

It didn’t even take me the full 7 days of moving through the course, as I started receiving some really obvious after death signs from my deceased loved ones right away."

Kathy M. Az

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