Indigo Child

A Term Originally Coined By Nancy Anne Tappe (1931-2012)

indigo child

Indigo child is a term originally coined by Nancy Anne Tappe (1931-2012). Nancy Tappe experienced a relativity rare condition called synesthesia, which refers to a neurobiological process where two or more senses are cross-linked. In Nancy’s case, she experienced an ability to see color around objects and to taste shape.

Nancy’s lifetime body of work involving the colored light that she saw surrounding every human being, has become the foundation for a system that supports color as an indicator and distinguishing factor in determining the properties and subtle nuances of the human personality. Nancy dedicated her life to systemizing  this information and sharing it.

It is reported that Nancy began seeing a deep blue, indigo colored hue surrounding many children born after 1960. Thus, she coined the  term indigo child and it remains a popular term today, being used widely in spiritual circles to describe those persons who seemingly come into this world with the gift of atonement with spirit, already firmly in place.    

Prior to her death, in 2012,  Nancy Tappe  believed that most people under the age of 30 could be considered to be  indigo children.

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The Chakra System – The Third Eye

chakra system

The chakras are energy vortices that are associated with various positions of the human body. Each is associated with a particular color. The third eye chakra which coincides with the physical area of the forehead, between the brows, is associated with the color Indigo.

This chakra is regarded as being the opening to higher consciousness and spirit. The balancing and subsequent opening of this particular chakra is said to be the equivalent of your opening to higher planes, intuition and your connection with the spirit world and afterlife.

Indigo children are said to be born with this chakra already opened to some degree. The greater the opening, the more peaceful and balanced the child/adult will appear. It is important to note that an only  partially opened third eye  chakra can come with some ups and downs. The process of full opening of this chakra, can predispose one to bouts of emotional and psychic imbalance.

Characteristics of The Indigo Child

indigo child

In general, indigo children and indigo adults are highly intuitive, physically, mentally and emotionally sensitive. This predisposes the child with only a partially opened third eye chakra, to anxieties and over-sensitivity. The child who is an indigo is perceiving on a level that many of their parents have little reference for, and thus, the generation gap between non indigo parents, and a child who is indigo, can seem vast.

The general preponderance of indigo's  in the past 30 years, indicates the general upwards shift in consciousness that the planet earth has been undergoing. With the younger generation being more attuned than ever to their divinity and innate godliness, it is easy to see how the world as a whole is moving towards a higher level of consciousness that will make for many positive changes in the years to come.

Indications Of A Fully Opened Third Eye Chakra

Mental and emotional clarity

Abiding sense of well being


A peace-maker, well adept at mediating the difficulties between others

Intuitive, psychic, able to communicate with the deceased

Able to connect images with feelings, able to make connections in general

Attuned to the needs and feelings of others

Can walk into a room and feel the mood of the people in it.

A special affinity for nature and animals

A unique way of looking at life that is light and forgiving

An inability to hold a grudge or judge another harshly.

A seeming ability to dance lightly thrugh life, never getting mired in problems.

Indications Of A Partially Opened Third Eye Chakra

Indigo children or adults  with a partially opened third eye chakra will demonstrate all of the above traits to some degree, but also some of the imbalances inherent in the opening process.

Fearful of the dark

Fretful of the future and the presently unknown


Highly anxious and overly sensitive

Volatile in terms of emotional ups and downs

Extremely Resistant to authority – wants to do it “my” way

A tendency to be overly judgmental and critical

A tendency to love and dislike, very deeply, strong opinions that are surprisingly so for a child

Either very quiet and even lethargic

Overly active with seemingly nervous energy

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