Finding Inner Peace

Inner Peace. What Is it? Where Is it? Where Did It Go? How do I find it?

Peace is inherent in Being.  But at times, it can get temporarily obstructed from view.

You actually don’t have to find the peace that lies within, at all, it is already within you, the very foundation of that which you are. A more apt term than ‘finding’ inner peace  would be ‘accessing  peace’ or ‘an unobstructed view or knowing of peace.’  We lose sight of inner peace when we lose sight of Being itself. It’s important though to remember, that that loss of sight, is always only temporary. After all, how can you permanently lose that which you are?

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What Obstructs Inner Peace, What Obscures The Peace of Being?

What stands in the way of knowing the peace that lies within, in a given moment?

Inner peace is temporarily obscured by Adherence to thoughts, ideas, beliefs. In a nutshell; Identification with mind, over being, is what serves to temporarily obscure the peace that abides your being.

Overall,   in terms of quality of experience, abidance in mind results in a very different experience than abidance in Being. The main different is that abidance in mind obscures the peace of being. Whereas, to simply be, absent adherence to/identification with thoughts, ideas or beliefs, means to also be at peace.


Ekhart Tolle: "Even in the seemingly most insane person, there is a core of inner peace, stillness, aliveness."

Even in the most difficult of situations, inner peace can be known.

I have experienced this numerous times myself in various situations and circumstances where I found myself on the surface of things, emotionally upset. Beyond that surface arising of emotional upset,  fundamental to all that which was arising in experience, there was also a deep and pervasive awareness of a still, silent, untouchable core of peace that could not be disturbed by anything happening on the surface, experiential side of things.

How do we access this core of peace?

Plain and simply, in the absence of identification with mind, thoughts, ideas, inner peace will be known.   Peace simply IS. 

It’s inevitable that to some degree engagement with thoughts, ideas, beliefs is going to continue to happen. But that does not mean that identification with thoughts, ideas, and beliefs must happen.

The difference between mere engagement with mind vs. identification with mind, really is the difference between knowing the core of peace vs.  the temporary obscuring of this peace. It’s also the difference between emotional/mental suffering and the absence of that such suffering.

How do I know I am identifying with mind, thoughts, ideas vs. merely engaging with them?

In identification with mind, we get caught up and often swept away in experience. We lose sight of being, in favor of the arising drama. Whereas in mere engagement, we continue to engage with all that arises, responding appropriately, but we do not become lost to, or swept away in the drama.

Awareness of being continues to abide alongside whatever situation or circumstance may arising in a given moment. Thus, it is entirely possible to experience tumultuous appearing circumstances and all the while remain aware of the inner core of peace that lies central to your being. When this is case, regardless of how dramatic the circumstances become, you do not become lost to, or swept away within them. Awareness of being continues to abide despite the fact that on the surface of things, it looks as though a tempest is swirling.

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