Is there a Heaven or Hell?

by Wendi
(Nampa, Boise, ID)

Hi. I happened to think of something a while back. I have a question that maybe Murray could answer.

All my life, in churches, Bible study, so on and so forth I've heard of two realms in the after life. Heaven where everything is peaceful and filled with love, or Hell, where one is tortured, suffering, in pain and agony forever. What about suicide? One person says "Commit suicide for ANYTHING you go STRAIGHT to hell!" another person says "They will go to heaven. Their life was pure hell to begin with. They were already suffering enough, and were tortured and tormented into this. Why should they continue to suffer?"-In othr words, Hell may only be capable of existing on the physical plane...

My questions on this were 'how could such a loving God (or as loving as we say to be in the Bible) condemn any of his children to eternal torment if he "loves" us so much?' To bring up the fact that pain is a warning signal given off by the brain to tell it the physical body has been damaged. 'How can there be pain if the physical brain is not functioning?'

My question I have to ask you to ask Murray is this: 'is there heaven, hell, or something else?'

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Sep 01, 2010
Re: Heaven & Hell
by: Faye

I truly believe that heaven and hell are merely concept of the human mind.

My brother has conveyed to me that passing from the physical into spirit is an amazing and joyful shedding heavy armor to fly in the unending vastness of the most amazing, expanding reality you could imagine.......our ability to imagine and create continue to play a part in the afterlife.

Physical death apparently results in an instantaneous surge in vibration that catapults us into an ecstatic reality of joy.

The overwhelming messages I get from Murray is this; the only judgment we experience on the other side is our own and even that occurs with an expanded perspective.

For more info. on this, see my article entitled "After Life Conditions."

Thanks again Wendi!
Light and Love,

Sep 01, 2010
Thanks to Murray for the info!
by: Wendi

That actually makes a lot of sense. I was talking with a friend of mine, and he doesn't like the idea of an afterlife, happy, hellish or otherwise. He tells me if we are in a state of eternal bliss, what good would that do? Life would have no meaning, in his view, for in his eyes, eternal happiness and joy would result in uncaring, and selfish "it's their problem, not mine, so why should I tell them anything?" type of expression.

It baffles me, that he doesn't seem to get the sense (even though he says he can comprehend eternal bliss perfectly) I still do not think he gets the over all sense of what eternal bliss would actually mean. One can be eternally happy and still have compassion, understanding and still care for others, which he does not seem to grasp.

Many people think this way, if one is completely happy, nothing would matter. Of course, that frame of reference comes of stereotypical skepticism, and how the physical brain would react to such a thing, being completely care free, worry free...we, in view, would have no concern for anything or anyone, which, as you have said, simply is not true.

He states that spirits must have some sort of fear or worry, for they do try to warn us of things and such, but still, it seems he fails to understand one can be in a state of bliss and still care. One does not need to have feelings of being sad, suffering, fear, worry, or anger to care for another, like so many of us here, in the physical plane seem to think, for it's all we've ever known.

Sep 01, 2010
Afterlife Conditions
by: Faye

The biggest message I've gotten Wendi, regarding the afterlife dimension, is that we cannot accurately perceive it or even imagine it from the perspective of our physical mind. We get glimpses of it in states like meditations or when we're in profound joy, but being that it is not a physical state, our perception of it will never be completely accurate until we pass from our physical body in death. My brother's favorite words to me on the issue seem to be, "Just wait, you'll see when it's your time." His communications though really do give me the sense that from the perspective of the afterlife, our physical life appears much, much different..."like a dream" were Murray's exact words to me in one of the more direct communications we're shared.

I do get the sense that even in this realm of bliss and joy though, polarities are still able to be perceived. It just seems that they are much 'softer' and less extreme that what we experience in physical life.

When you think about it, light, dark, positive and negative must exist in order for life to move forward...therefore, if we continue to grow once we've passed into the afterlife, it would seem that we must experience some kind of polarity or contrast. Then again...maybe that's just my physical mind twisting the messages of spirit into something I can grasp!! :)

This is why I so love the idea of spiritual seekers coming together sharing their experiences..we can help nudge each other's consciousness into areas we may not have thought to go otherwise!

Sep 01, 2010
Twisted indeed
by: Wendi

That actually sounds quite logical, in how your mind could be manipulating you into thinking there has to be some sort of negative energies, for that is all our physical minds have ever known of.

I have actually had multiple Near Death Experiences (NDE's) myselef. I was born premature, and have been said to have come very, very close with death many times.

Even within dreams, dying isn't terrifying. In fact, it is quite peaceful and joyous. Perhaps this could stem from the near death experiences I had as a child.

In dreams, dying, in the act of still being mostly physiccally alive IS indeed horrifying. My physical body isn't willing to let go of it's energies, so I panic. However, death when it comes in dreams, are either peaceful or...I wake up, thinking to myself ( this the joy of the after life?)

It all really is an astounding sensation, like you said, from the after life perspective, the physical life is much like a "dream". Perhaps, this explains why in dreams of death, I wake upon death, feeling invigorated and excited?

Like I've once heard..."is life but a dream, or are we living a dream within a dream?" I have indeed been able to control my dreams, as you've described as lucid dreaming. I can rewind my dreams to experience something, or the entire thing over and over, or go back and change something, I can even tell when I'm dreaming! I can let them flow, and if something goes wrong, I can change it with a single thought.

Sep 03, 2010
Overwelming joy
by: Wendi

It sounds like a level of joy we were never meant to experience in this life, for if one were to experience it, one just might be driven literally insane over the concept and experience.

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