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by Bex

Your analysis of Jed McKenna appears to be exactly like Jed McKenna. It's hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes. Have you read Loving What Is...?

Hi Bex,

Yes, I'd agree that my analysis of Jed McKenna invokes personal preferences and opinions in the same way that Jed demonstrates himself, throughout his book.

However, the difference is, I see it for what it is, and am willing to own it, he does not seem to, but rather, he continues to believe that he has somehow transcended person-hood and is perceiving through a lens that is crystal clear. (Awake FROM the dream, rather than simply awake IN the dream).

Yes, I'm familiar with the writing of Byron Katie and the concept of 'Loving what Is.' As I see it, 'loving what is' does not mean that preferences cease to be, or that we cease to engage with them, only that the need to have things be different than what they are in order for peace to prevail, has fallen away.

I have no need to change the Jed McKennas in my world in order to experience abiding peace. Peace prevails here.

Preference that is absent need does not affect our ability to love the entirety of this present moment.

However, it is important to see and acknowledge that the arising of preference indicates that 'a person' is still experiencing life and that while we may be awake 'in' the dream, we are not experiencing from outside the dream as Jed McKenna suggests he is.

It's all about being aware of what's going on and that's mostly what my assessment of Jed McKenna is based upon. Many seekers kid themselves into believing they are completely free of mind, when clearly, they are not, and have instead, simply discarded one set of beliefs for another, without being aware of doing so.

Sure, My assessment is rife with my opinions, perceptions and preferences. There is nothing problematic about any of those, so long as we see them for what they are.

Having a love affair with life includes the allowance of it all....and that includes the natural arising of personal opinions and preferences.

Thanks so much for offering your own perspective and opinion to the conversation. All points of view of welcome here!!

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Mar 23, 2015
Thank you!
by: Faye

Thanks so much for sharing Drdeb...resonate deeply with your words. it!! :)

Mar 15, 2015
by: Drdeb

After smoking the Sonoran toad toxin which contains 5meodmt, I learned that you could never fully awaken from the maya as long as you are in the physical form. You stated that, and it's also MY truth from my personal experience. As long as we have a body with senses, we are yoked to an ego. Best to realize that, and live life fully in love , service, and devotion( as you also stated). For years, I worked/ struggled at diminishment of the ego , then, upon returning to my physical body, after having left it to experience pure consciousness facilitated by the toad medicine, I finally understood that the most graceful way to live this life is to accept that enlightenment, the full out of body, emotional, enlightenemwnt, is only available through death and medicines that can show you a glimpse for a brief moment. This has given me great comfort to have experienced pure consciousness, because now, I accept " what is" and am no longer unsatisfied or driven to be " enlightened". Now, I am happy! Content with my ego, ( which I now refer to as me+my ego=mego!) and understanding that SOMEDAY , I too, will melt into the universal consciousness.

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