Jed McKenna - Mystical experience vs. Truth Realization

by Will

You haven't yet realized that there is a difference between a mystical experience (what you call "Oneness") and Truth Realization. Jed is a Truth guy and you are a mystic. You deal with experiences, Jed with crushing what is not true. Two totally different ballgames.


I assure you, the difference between mystical experience and realization has been seen. What it seems as though you (and Jed McKenna in his earlier books) have perhaps not yet realized, is the step-less step that results in a vantage point beyond an adherence to the truth/false, illusion/actual dichotomy.

From this vantage point, the importance assigned to 'crushing what is not true,' falls away as 'this' is wholly accepted at face value. The very reason for the need to 'crush what's not true' falls away.

AT this juncture, there's no longer any drive or sense of importance ascribed towards seeing life in any particular way. It's all good. All fundamentally perfect.

I call this vantage point, "full circle" and it's a stepless step beyond the realization of Truth you and Jed speak's the realization that "Truth realization" spoken about and adhered to as 'the end Truth', is but yet, just another idea we can become attached is this is this one...en adinfinitum.

In short, there's transcendence of a bent towards any particular realization. It all collapses and all that's left is an abiding Peace, regardless of what's appearing in experience.

With Love,
Faye :)

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Sep 30, 2014
Thank you Faye
by: HL Hggins

Hi put that into words so well. Thank you. You expressed something I've been feeling about Jed McKenna's works, that I was unable myself to put into words. Well done.

Dabbling in the mystic arts, need not fall away just because one sees it for what it is. Awareness makes all the difference.

P.S. I enjoy all your articles and the fact that you are so flexible in perspective that you are able to cover so much ground, but all with an underlying foundation of 'being conscious.'

HL Higgns


Dear HL,

Thanks for your kind words. So pleased to hear you're enjoying the articles!

take Care,

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