Jed McKenna Review

by J.M.

YOur review of Jed McKenna is spot on!

Thank you so much for the perfect review of these books. Although there were parts of this book that resonated, I too called BS all the way through reading these books but couldn't put it into words the way you have here. You're so right, the many contradictions and most importantly, the absence of love (or understanding about love) is one of the biggest and most obvious tip-offs that this guy has stopped short in terms of expanding his consciousness.

Bravo! You've summed it up beautifully!

Thanks for the many other great articles on this website as well, I could read for hours!


Thanks J.M.,

Yes, it would seem that as soon as we become absolutely certain that we are seeing with complete clarity, we've created another place to get stuck....the optimum position then for the most freedom, then, would seem to be; an awareness about mind and its tendencies to do what it does (create stories) and an acceptance of all of; no NEED to believe that we are seeing with absolute clarity.

And with such acceptance, we won't fall into the trap of being 'absolutely certain.'

That 'absolutely certainty' seems to be the place of 'stuckness.' The freedom is in admitting we cannot know for sure...and being absolutely okay with that.


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Feb 28, 2013
Great Analysis
by: Anonymous

Great analysis of Jed McKenna writings. I arrived at the same conclusions. Experiences differ. Scripting differs. There is always an "I"..difference is now that the "I" is spread out or expanded. You can't argue experiences and you are never done otherwise you would cease to exist LOL.

Oct 01, 2012
Re: Jed McKenna Review; What is there to define?
by: Anonymous

Can't you see there is no way out of this? Why talk about freedom or any other definition. All is in a context, therefore duality. I think it is just another little trick Maya has fooled you in to.
Tough to let yourself drown. I know... step on...

Dear Anonymous;

"Can't you see there is no way out of this?"

Right. And to accept this fully (become free from need to figure it all out or reach a place where conceptually we can feel that we've got it all sewn up), is to transcend the circular minding. When there's no actual importance attached to our conceptual dissection of such things, it's all simply an enjoyable facet of the content of 'this.'

"Why talk about freedom, or any definition"?

As I see it, the 'only' thing of any real importance is the quality of experience in any given moment. Depending upon where mind is focused, the experience can be one of Peace, ease and joy or it can be one fraught with angst.

"Freedom" ensues when there are no longer self-imposed limitations attached to experience...where we truly are 'free' to utilize mind to create any kind of experience we choose.

Freedom means, I'm equally as free (unencumbered by belief) to create an experience of limitation and angst as I am to create an experience of beauty and profound joy.

As far as once again being fooled by maya....seems to me that once we make peace with this 'being fooled' as forever being a 'possibility' we transcend the need know with certainty....thus, the freedom I speak of above!

Jed is attached to the idea that it is very, very important to 'not be fooled' and it is that attachment that creates a certain boundary to his experience. When we let go of all ideas about how we 'should' interact with life and reality, the boundaries become much more fluid and flexible.

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