Jed McKenna

by Ryan Robles
(Northridge, CA)

Another Angle?

Jed McKenna came across my radar for the first time a few weeks ago. I had never heard of him. He was recommended to me, so I looked into him on line. I didn't like him from the get-go. I don't even like the name Jed McKenna, probably for the same reasons Jed hates Californians.

I found your discourse here on Jed, and "self" ate it up like candy. It made me feel superior to him and my ego liked that. There's something tasty about uncovering a fraud, especially a fraud in the spiritual realm.

Maybe because I'm a fraud too in many ways, who knows. I do know that I always talk a more sound curriculum than I practice. So maybe he and I are more alike than I'd like to believe.

Anyway, I was so perplexed as to how so many people could be fooled by this guy that I needed to get some input from someone further along than I, so I forwarded your words on Jed to my guru.

He told me to entertain the notion that Jed McKenna does not exist and the ramifications of that that might mean. He's a fictional character made up my someone we know nothing about. The faults in this fictional character that are clearly revealed in his writing are tools meant to challenge the reader. It's a
style of writing and expression that we're not accustomed to.

I don't quite know how to respond to that. I'm not sure I buy this. For now, I'm going to skip Jed McKenna. Either he's a fraud, or the author's style is so over my head that I'm not ready for him.


Hi Ryan,

I think it's entirely possible that the author of these books has created a character that exemplifies what it means to be spiritually stuck within the idea of being enlightened, in a world of folks whom he believes to not be enlightened. Thus, the author has created a cautionary tale of sorts and that cautionary tale can either be received as such, or Jed McKenna can trigger the ego of the one reading, either through a rejection and judging of Jed and his message (and/or feeling superior as you suggest), or through an agreement, or sense of alignment with Jed and his message.

In short, I like the advice of your guru. And the title of your comment too, "Another Angle," is good advice indeed. Another angle or vantage point of seeing is always a good thing when we start to feel like we've got the goods on another, and we're showing them up.

I very much enjoyed reading your take take on Jed McKenna and his writings. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

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