Jed McKennas Theory Of Everything

A Review Of Jed McKennas New Book

In his latest  book, Jed McKennas Theory of Everything,   Jed continues to assert that when it comes to the spiritual journey,  “Done is Done.” And when one reaches that place of ‘done, ’ he tells us,  there is  simply, nothing in the way of “further.”  Jed claimed in his past books, to be 'done.'

 In my estimation,  Jed contradicts his past assertion by demonstrating himself in his new book, Jed McKennas Theory Of Everything,  to have actually,  “gone further.” Yes, there’s a slight, but  definite shift in tone and focus in Jed’s new book, that suggest to me that he was not in fact “done” in terms of deepening and purifying, and that he  has indeed, ‘gone further’ since writing  his previous books.

Specifically, the very fact of the existence of  "Jed McKennas Theory of everything' seems to indicate that the journey continued. In the process, it seems  Jed's 'knowitalitis' seems to have lessened somewhat.

Jed McKennas Theory Of Everything: A New Jed?

 While I’d hardly describe Jed McKenna’s new-ish persona in this book as being humble, it does seem as though he’s shed a few layers of the ego that pervaded his  previous books.

 The use of the word ‘theory’ in the title of the book itself, seems  to speak of a lightening up in terms of the  absolute, unwavering certainty, and insistence that he has things all sewn up,  that was demonstrated by Jed McKenna  throughout  his previous books.  

 Jed McKennas Theory Of Everything,  is equally as entertaining as the previous books.  I absolutely love the way this author writes.    He combines a perfect blend of dry wit and  humour with a serious talent for finding the perfect words to clearly convey things that are generally not so easy to convey. Regarding the actual identity of the author, I’m more convinced than ever that Jed McKenna is a fictional character created by someone who has chosen to share his musings on enlightenment in a way where he can safely stand back from the  direct scrutiny of his readers.

As with his first books, I strongly sense the author  is someone who is still in the processes of seeking answers, who is writing about a character who is certain he has found them, and in many cases, has transcended the questions themselves. The author of Jed,  gets to ‘try on’ ideas  that he’s still not fully certain about, to offer and uphold them as truth to others,  without fully committing to them himself.   

 It’s the perfect plan really . So long as the author remains anonymous, he is able  to share his ideas and musings about ‘truth,’ with others, without having to stand behind them, explain or defend them. Not in the 'real' world anyway.

While other teachers who  author  books about awakening and enlightenment strive to align their words with their way of being, to  take care to make sure their teachings do not contain contradiction, the author of these books, gets to say whatever he wants, without the burden  of aligning his talk with his walk.  It’s pure genius really.  

 Yes, It is because of this obvious penchant for anonymity that  I surmise that the real “Jed” is  not near as certain about all of his musings as the character of his stories appears to be. Indeed,  the apparent need to hide behind a fictional character raises all sorts of questions, but I will concede,  only the author himself could tell us for sure what's going on here.  I'm guessing those answers will remain hidden so long as the author's   identity remains hidden. 


  Jed McKennas Theory Of Everything; Do the Contradictions Continue?

Overall, I encountered far less contradiction in Jed McKennas Theory Of Everything,  than in his other books,  although, in my estimation, Jed clearly  contradicts himself when he says:

 “We are programmed from birth to believe that our existence is an unsolvable riddle, but if we make an honest effort, then we discover that mystery itself is the riddle. Not just what is the big mystery, but why is there any mystery at all? And what if there isn't? What if the Mysterium Tremendum is just an internal belief without any external counterpart? What if the answers to life's biggest questions are simple and obvious, and hidden in plain sight?”

 But, he  then goes on to flat out admit, that while it is plain to see that Consciousness is all there is, it’s anyone’s guess as to WHY consciousness is appearing as “this.” “Why not?” is the best he can offer in terms of explaining the ‘why’s’ of consciousness expressing in this way.

And in my estimation, THAT one question,  really  is the burning question. While  we can muse about it, the best we can actually do in terms of arriving at an answer, and thus, a dissolution of 'the mystery' is to acknowledge  that from our current vantage point of being IN the dream, we cannot definitively arrive at an pat answer. Understanding that we are asking a question that cannot be concretely answered however, does not in my estimation,  amount to the question no longer existing. Regardless of Jed McKenna saying it does not, The "mystery" remains. 

 In short, Jed McKennas Theory Of Everything says; All there is is consciousness. Consciousness = Truth. All there is is Truth. There is no un-truth. He certainly  hasn’t broken any  new ground with this one,  but his indepth offerings of his own unique perspective about this theory, does make this book well  worth reading in my opinion.


Jed McKennas Theory Of Everything; Jed Describes How Being Awake Impacts His Way of Being Within the Dreamscape

My favorite Chapter of this book is  entitled; “Speculation and Make-Believe. In my opinion this is where it all comes together, where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.

Jed  briefly explains how being awake affects his day to day, moment to moment, way of being. He admits to engaging with speculation and 'almost' believing certain things about how things work in the  dreamscape.

This is always the aspect of spiritual growth that interests me the most. If a realization has no actual impact on our experience, then has anything of any importance actually been realized?

 If our way of being and actual quality of experience does not shift, isn’t a lifetime spent as a sleeping puppet equal in all ways that matter, to a lifetime spent as a lucid dreamer?

 My own experience has demonstrated that the difference in actual day to day, moment to moment experience and way of being, shifts dramatically when we awaken to  become the lucid dreamer. Experiencing day to day life as a lucid dreamer, does not mean that we necessarily retreat from the dream or refuse to engage with it. Nor must we deny it or negate it. Seeing the illusive nature of physical reality has resulted in my embracing of the totality of it. When life is seen as a virtual playground of sorts, there is really nothing else to do with it, but play.

I resonate deeply with the following quote excerpted from Jed McKennas Theory of Everything, in  this Chapter entitled; “Speculation and Make-Believe.”

 “So now that we know what can and can’t be known as true, we can take a look at that which can’t be known, but which we might as well believe anyway. This is back down the rabbit hole, where a mountain is a mountain again, and everything is real, but nothing is true.

 To re-enter the amusement park is to re-suspend dis-belief;  to accept the ‘virtual’ reality of the dreamstate as real reality. For instance, I like to pretend that I’m sane and a I have free will.  Might as well right? I also like to pretend that I’m my character, that my memories are trustworthy, and that time and space and the world are as them seem. Kinda gotta.

 And frankly, why not? I have no belief to uphold, no teaching to adhere to, no one to convince of anything.

 … of the main things I make believe is true is the overlighting intelligence with which I align myself. I speculate that I am in a co-create relationship with an intelligence and will infinitely superior to my own. I observe that I exist within energetic currents that flow like currents.

 Sure, it’s all speculation……..

……..Being awake in the dreamstate, I don’t need to discriminate between what’s real and what’s not. Everything in a dream is equally real, so what is there to discriminate about?”


As he did in his previous books, in Jed McKenna’s Theory Of Everything,   Jed alludes to a day to day experience of profound ease and  ‘flow’ that is a result of his awakening. But again, as in his previous writings, he give this little more than a mention. It is precisely this subject that I’d love to see Jed McKenna write more  about in the future.


It’s one thing to tell others that my entire experience of life has shifted profoundly due to my awakening, but  quite another to share the specifics of that, just as it’s one thing to declare that I am fully awakened and quite another  to demonstrate it through a shift in my way of being. In the quote below, Jed alludes to the implementation of Law of Attraction techniques to create a sense of positive flow in his experience;


“I observe that when I act in alignment with these subtle energetic currents, all goes well, desires manifest, direction is clear, ease and smoothness is natural.  I observe that I have developed a high degree of sensitivity to this energy and that I can make micro-corrections before any non-smoothness occurs.


Perfect intelligence is easy for me to believe. It almost proves out logically. I perceive it without the senses and I’d almost claim it as truth, which I would never say about anything else. “


Jed McKennas Theory Of Everything; My summation

Yes, if I had things my way, Jed’s next book would  be akin to  a Law of Attraction manual where he focuses upon what it means to act in alignment with the subtle energetic currents he experiences, to  manifest desires and move in a clear direction of natural ease and smoothness. He could call it, “Awake in The Dream. Might As Well Manifest A Smooth Experience”…..or something like that.

 In my estimation, if one had to choose one book out of Jed McKenna’s Collection, This one, Jed McKennas Theory Of Everything, would be the best pick. It’s content encapsulates the entirety of the previous three in a way that is far less full of the ego that permeates the previous books. However, if you’re anything like me, and simply love the way this author writes, I would recommend reading the entire series. As I’ve said in my previous review of Jed McKenna’s work, If nothing else, Jed McKenna can weave a great tale. This author is a story-teller extraordinaire and I’m quite happy to have spent the time I've spent,  reading all of his books. Each one, either taken on it’s own merit or considered as part of the collection,  are highly entertaining, thought provoking and dare I even say in some instances, "enlightening."

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