Jerry and Esther Hicks

by Melinda
(Bellingham WA)

I love Jerry and Esther Hicks and bless them for allowing the teachings of Abraham to come through them to help awaken humanity. Their teachings came to me when I was strong and ready to learn and benefit. I have dipped down in vibration often but the teachings of Abraham have taught me to see what is happening and to sometimes choose my way back into joy.

The bloggers who are being critical of these teachings and using Jerry's illness to poke holes in them, have a very negative resonance. They are drawn to the teachings of Abraham through resonance but perhaps are wired in a way that they cannot receive them for what they are. All Jerry and Esther Hicks can do is to ignore them and allow them their own experience.

The bloggers cannot create in Jerry and Esters experience. Esther and Jerry's response is entirely up to them. This is basic Abraham teachings and shows me by extension that I am not a victim. It is easier to understand the logic than to live it. But each time a person successfully lives this truth the muscle is strengthened.

No person lives forever so Jerry Hick's passing is not surprising. We all eventually die. What we die of could be described as an accumulation of life. Carolyn Myss pointed out that everything we eat, drink, think, do etc., lodges itself in our cells. If you are radical and free like Jerry, a few free radicals are bound to wreak a little havok in the system during the aging process.

As Abraham would say...All is well. Rock on Jerry on your new bodiless travels. And thanks from the bottom of my heart for a life well lived of service to humanity far beyond the call of duty.

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