Jerry Hicks Cancer not unlike Jane Roberts Illness

by Lola

If Jerry Hicks does indeed have cancer, this is not unlike the situation with Jane Roberts who channeled Seth.

Although Seth gave Jane Roberts advice regarding ways she could improve her health, her illness ended up prematurely taking her life. This is no way reflects upon the Seth material itself...teachings that for many have passed the test of time with flying colors.

Clearly, knowing about the law of attraction, beliefs and about how we each create our own reality, does not necessarily translate into complete and total mastery of intentional manifestation...not to mention, as you say, we can't know what's in someone elses vibration.

I personally don't see how a human beings inability to fully practice the advice given in a channeled message has anything to do with the validity of the message itself. I agree completely with your summation on Jerry Hicks Cancer and how this in no way reflects on the validity of the Teachings of Abraham or the integrity of Jerry of Esther Hicks.

The online critics seem to be saying also that since Jerry and Esther Hicks don't seem interested in sharing all aspects of Jerry Hicks cancer with the public, that they are therefore obviously guilty of perpetrating a scam. This is ridiculous.

Jerry and Esther Hicks are human beings and as such, will be having their own personal responses to Jerry Hicks Cancer and all that it likely entails.

I imagine that in due time, Esther/Abraham will comment on this issue, but its extremely unfair for anyone to use the silence surrounding Jerry Hicks Cancer (or we should say, alleged cancer) to tear apart the entirety of the Abraham-Hicks teachings.

If a yoga teacher pulls a muscle and cannot perfectly perform each pose that she teaches, does that mean that the entirety of all that she's taught has been rendered fraudulent? I don't think so. It is the same with this issue about Jerry Hicks Cancer.

Simply because Jerry might fall out of the vortex at times like any normal human, (and even this is a speculation) does not mean that the message within the teachings of Abraham is wrong, false or you say in your article, it just means that Jerry Hicks is human.

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Nov 30, 2016
Abraham doesn't exist, it is all fraud NEW
by: Iha777

Esther as 'Abraham' teaches that you can align with your desire in as little as one afternoon and see tangible results in as little as 30 days. She often encourages people to ignore results of medical tests and focus on the positive instead. They didn't ignore any tests, neither they aligned with they desire. If the Law of Attraction as taught in the 'Abraham Teachings' really worked, Jerry must have been an expert in aligning since they have been doing that for over 20 years! Realistically, what chance do we have to beat an illness or anything if Jeery, who had direct contact with 'Abraham' was not able to do it not in one afternoon, neither in 30 days and yet alone in 20 years! Please, wake up people, and see the truth right in front of your eyes. It is your money that is fuelling this fraud!

Sep 08, 2016
Jerry wished for death? How, when? NEW
by: Anonymous

The emails sent after Jerry's illness indicated no wish whatsoever to go onto nonphysical. He claimed to have spoken with Abraham about the patterns that created the cancer and vowed to stop it. He didn't say "I'm in the middle between staying and going" at any point. He seemed to happily show up in photos, enthusiastic about life and his chances for recovery. Something in the Abraham message is absolutely flawed and it serves more to investigate than cover it up with delusions.

Nov 30, 2011
It was his choice to move to non-physical
by: Lori

When Abraham spoke after 911 they were clear that some that died were reaching for the peace that comes from moving into non-physical. Jerry has always been a seeker of knowledge and it is enivitable that he would reach for this level. They have always maintained that everyone will eventually die. Jerry was likely torn between the desire to experience the non physical (he has had a great deal of enlightenment on the topic) and his desire to stay with Esther. If you think about it this is not shocking. But the next level.

Oct 06, 2011
Re: Jerry Hicks and Law of Attraction
by: Faye

Re: post by anonymous: "Jerry Hicks does NOT believe in LOA

The fact that Jerry Hicks chose to use the traditional unstable approach to cure himself clearly shows that he does not wish to bet on the "law of attraction" methods. It is a sign that this "law" is just a continuation of the Hick's "Think and grow rich" campaign. Abraham does not exist, it is easily debunked just by listening to the accents of the channeller Esther."

Hi Anonymous;

You bring up an interesting point and one that In the past I wrestled with myself. To read more on this, see my article entitled: "The Law of Attraction - A Self Created Reality - Where does medicine fit in?" It can be accessed through clicking on the left hand side menu (Manifesting Desire)....if you scroll down on that page you'll see a list of articles on the law of attraction.

It's all about choosing the path of least resistance when it comes to such things as healing. It's important too to stop and consider.... How is it that medical treatments have come into creation? For whatever reason, Jerry evidently decided to follow along with mainstream medicine....evidently this FELT to him to be the path of least resistance.

I often pop a pill when my head aches even though I'm an avid believer in my own inherent power to create all aspects of my reality....I'm wise enough to know that everything, even medicine, has been created through spirit and thus, I'm free to use whatever presents at my disposal to help me attain the quickest route to healing.

Despite a strong belief in law of attraction, I also recognize that as a human being living on this planet for 47 years, I've been influenced by the information around me. My subconscious has evidently been influenced and thus, popping a pill works quickly and appears in my reality and is an easy means to quell the pain. I no longer feel any need to justify using whatever is at my disposal. It's all been created by God, Source, Spirit..whatever label you choose.

I suspect Jerry Hicks may have even surprised himself by choosing chemotherapy as a mode of treatment. The truth is, most of us likely don't know what our own 'path of least resistance' will be until we're faced with a life threatening disease.

Whatever resonates with me, here and NOW is the path to take and that should always be assessed on a moment to moment basis rather than adopting a blanket response to possible future health issues.

There is no doubt that various teachings will resonate with some and not others and I do understand how those who follow the teachings of Abraham might have questions regarding the issue of Jerry Hicks cancer and his decision to use traditional medicine.

Like many, I suspect that when it's comfortable to do so, Jerry's situation will be used as a teaching/illumination tool by Esther Hicks (Abraham).

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your views,

Faye :)

Oct 03, 2011
Jerry Hicks does NOT believe in LOA
by: Anonymous

The fact that Jerry Hicks chose to use the traditional unstable approach to cure himself clearly shows that he does not wish to bet on the "law of attraction" methods. It is a sign that this "law" is just a continuation of the Hick's "Think and grow rich" campaign. Abraham does not exist, it is easily debunked just by listening to the accents of the channeller Esther.

Oct 01, 2011
Re: Jerry Hicks Cancer
by: Faye

Dear Dawn and Lola,

Thank you both for your intelligent and heartfelt responses.....indeed, there is nothing that teaches quite like direct experience..what better way to personally KNOW the infinite power of the law of attraction than to experience a manifestation that is so vastly in opposition to what we consciously desire, such as ill health, and then to observe in wonder as thought by thought, we take control and raise our vibration and thus heal our body and mind!!

To have an illness such as cancer and to find a way to live in joy despite this, is to truly embrace the teachings of Abraham and all of the best law of attraction teachings.

Interesting isn't it how infinite perspectives exist on a subject like this one.....all of them valid, but some so much more reflective of the light than others. To come to see even an illness of the body as a gift is to embrace the law of attraction on an entirely new level.

With Love,

Sep 28, 2011
Dear Teachers
by: Dawn

I think Louise Hay's story about thriving after discovering she had cancer is wonderfully instrumental in reiterating the point that you've made so eloquently here. No one that I know of has written and spoken so specifically on how to manifest wellness from a metaphysical perspective. And she was able to prove to herself how powerful she really was after her manifestation. Everything really is all good!

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