Jerry Hicks Cancer - Irrelevant to the Validity of the Teachings of Abraham

Internet rumors abound regarding Jerry Hicks cancer. For anyone unfamiliar with the Teachings of Abraham, Jerry Hicks is the husband and partner of Esther Hicks, a channel for a group of entities named Abraham. Abraham are teachers of the law of of the best, in my opinion.

A brief announcement from the Abraham-Hicks organization was made several months ago, referring to a small bump resembling a spider bite on Jerry’s Hick’s wrist, that upon investigation revealed a high white blood count.

Although this announcement did not specifically confirm Jerry hicks cancer, it did say that Jerry was receiving chemotherapy treatment for his illness and that that he was mentally and emotionally positive and tolerating the physical effects of the treatments extremely well. While this announcement certainly seems to support the fact that Jerry Hicks is indeed experiencing a potentially serious health issue, the rumour about Jerry Hicks Cancer, namely leukemia, has neither been confirmed or refuted by the Abraham-Hicks camp.

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A small number of very vocal critics are having a field day with this information, citing Jerry Hicks cancer as proof that the teachings of Abraham are nothing more than a scam. The ring-leaders of this callous attempt to discredit, seem to be a small handful of people, who for one reason or another appear to have an axe to grind.

Bloggers David Stone and Kyra (Kyra Speaks blog) are two who seem particularly intent upon exposing the teachings of Abraham as being a hoax and are using Jerry Hicks cancer as a means to further their objective. Both are self described past followers of Abraham who reportedly came to see the supposedly fraudulent nature of these teachings. It would seem that both of these bloggers believe they’ve somehow been harmed by the teachings of Abraham and they seem to view themselves as crusaders of sorts who are trying to prevent others from falling victim to these teachings. The idea of such a thing makes me laugh. Perhaps they fear that those who encounter the teachings of Abraham might overdose on…….. joy…peace…..contentment…?

The following quote from Kyra’s blog speaks volumes; “I’m outraged at the lack of skepticism the media shows towards Esther and Jerry Hicks.”

After spending some time reading the rants of these bloggers and their supporters, I come to one conclusion in particular; These people simply do not understand the messages inherent in teachings of Abraham. To attempt to use Jerry Hicks cancer to invalidate these teachings says much.

Does Jerry Hicks Cancer contradict the teaching’s of Abraham?

n terms of my own understanding about the law of attraction, it actually makes perfect sense that these people do not resonate with these teachings. We will only find resonance with knowledge/teachings that we are a vibrational match to. Surely, anyone capable of attempting to tear down a man who they believe to be ill with cancer, is emanating a very low vibration. The teachings of Abraham are of a very high and pure vibration. If you’re not of a compatible vibration yourself, you will not understand what is being said and if you’re really mired in a low/dense vibration, you will not LIKE what is being said as it will invalidate your perception of the dense world you live in. Such beliefs will also run contrary to and will invalidate your personal belief in the necessity of your own suffering.

While I certainly would not call myself a ‘follower’ of Abraham, (as I do not follow anything other than my own inner voice) upon initially encountering the teachings of Abraham, I experienced a deep resonance. Everything Abraham was saying was something that I already knew on a very deep level. The teachings of Abraham very much mirrored the words of my own personal, spiritual channeling.

If there is any basic core message inherent within the teachings of Abraham it is this; Each of us has our own personal connection to source/God. There is never any NEED to venture outside of self to access any answer to any question. With this in mind, the idea of attacking either the message of Abraham or the messenger, becomes rather ludicrous. It’s not like Abraham, Esther Hicks or Jerry Hicks is forcing these teachings upon anyone or claiming that they and they alone hold the key to spiritual knowledge or spiritual growth. If anything, Abraham is telling us NOT to follow or blindly accept their teachings or any others, that the true connection and answer to any question we may have, exists within each of us. In light of this, it’s pretty difficult to point the finger at the Hicks for scamming followers or taking advantage of those who buy Abraham-Hicks books or pay to attend their workshops. The teachings of Abraham do not in any way instruct anyone to follow along and actually say quite the opposite; If you seek answers, your most valid answers lie within.

I wonder if Kyra even remotely suspects that in her ‘outrage’ over the lack of skepticism the media shows towards these teachings, she’s choosing a direction of thought that is likely attracting all sorts of disharmony into her experience. I imagine not.

I suspect that any and all forms of disharmony that people like this experience, are countered by a finger of blame, sharply and swiftly pointed in the vicinity of the closest person they can find. Those with the mindset of Kyra and David have likely made a habit of blaming others when they encounter personal difficulties, anything to avoid looking within to discern personal responsibility.

Indeed, I am somewhat shocked at the blatant display of insensitivity and lack of compassion being demonstrated by these folks.  To use Jerry Hicks cancer as a means of discrediting the message itself is absolutely ‘attacking the messenger,’ or in this case, the husband of the messenger.

Does Jerry Hicks Cancer prove that the Teaching's of Abraham are a hoax?

My response to these harsh critics of the Abraham teachings who are now using Jerry Hicks cancer to attempt to tear him, Esther and the teachings down, I say, If Jerry Hicks cancer ‘proves’ anything at all, it is simply this;

Jerry Hicks is Human.

Neither Jerry nor Esther Hicks herself has claimed total or complete mastery of the teachings of Abraham. In fact, in her public workshop channeling, Esther Hicks through Abraham, regularly makes reference to her own ‘slip-ups for teaching purposes. Abraham often cites instances where Esther entertains thoughts that take her ‘out of the vortex’ thereby, sometimes attracting unwanted circumstances into her reality.

As teachers, Abraham offers up the OPTIMUM stance for each of us to be in if we are to experience abiding peace and joy. Never have they said that our goal should be to stay in the vortex permanently, rather they offer it up as something to acknowledge and to regularly aim for. In short, Abraham tells us, If you emanate a vibration compatible with source, you manifest your desires.

As far as attempting to speculate on the cause of Jerry Hicks cancer, It’s extremely arrogant to even pretend to know what Jerry has accumulated in his vibrational escrow/vortex as it is absolutely impossible to get into the experience of another to determine exactly what they are personally asking for. As Abraham tells us, we ask with our vibration. We have no way of knowing with certainty what Jerry, (reportedly) an 80 something year old man who has apparently lived a full and exciting life, is vibrating at this point and time.

Jerry Hicks cancer might simply indicate and/or demonstrates that even someone as close to the teachings of Abraham as Jerry Hicks is, is not immune to excursions outside of the vortex.

I recall Abraham making several references to Jesus Christ, alluding to the fact that in order to be nailed up on a cross as he apparently was, he’d have to be very ‘out of the vortex’ during that time. Surely if Jesus Christ himself can slip up in terms of keeping his vibration sky high, Jerry Hicks can also do so without rendering the entire body of the Abraham teachings fraudulent.

It’s entirely possible that through Jerry Hicks cancer, he’ll come to new insights about the process of using the law of attraction or it’s even possible that on some level he is ready to make his transition and this is simply the path of least resistance for him to do so...and yes, it’s even possible that in his humanness, he has inadvertently held resistance to being healthy, and is thus experiencing an occurrence that is contrary to his deepest of desires.

The truth is, only Jerry Hicks himself will be capable of knowing the actual answer to this. All of our speculation as onlookers is futile as well as unfair.

Those who truly understand the message of Abraham know that what is being conveyed is much more about coming to know and experience unconditional love and acceptance of the present moment than it is actually about ‘manifesting the stuff I want,’ although without a doubt, ‘getting the stuff’ is a fringe benefit of increasing our vibration. When you increase your vibration to a level that is compatible with source, you manifest your desires.  Once we understand that we have full control over the moment to moment direction of our thought, we come to also understand that this allows us moment to moment control over our emotions. An abiding freedom from suffering and moreover, an ability to experience joy in any given moment, despite the present circumstances is what we come to experience through fully understanding, embracing and implementing the teachings of Abraham.

From such a position of knowing that all is well despite present contrasting circumstances, I imagine that even something such as Jerry Hicks cancer can be viewed and personally experienced from the vantage point of acceptance and even joy. Perhaps Jerry Hicks Cancer is simply a means of helping him achieve greater clarity and knowing regarding his own ability to experience unconditional joy in the face of contrast.

If desires exists within us in a hierarchy of importance, then perhaps a desire within someone to know unconditional peace and joy, trumps a desire for perfect health. When both desires co-exist alongside each other, the desire to know unconditional peace will win out if it’s stronger.

What better way to learn about and experience unconditional peace, than to realize we can experience it even in the face of a manifestation that is diametrically opposed to our conscious desires. Perhaps once this ability for unconditional peace has been realized, optimum health will once again flourish.

I can relate to this on a personal level. Although I would say that I more often than not am emanating and experiencing a relatively high vibration and positive outlook, I’ve been experiencing neurological health issues that have been escalating in intensity for around three years now.

Throughout this process of experiencing escalating symptoms that often limit me physically, receiving the run around from doctors and all the while remaining in the dark regarding the exact nature of my obvious illness, I’ve come to experience a new level of patience and acceptance to contrast in general.

I’ve moved past the need to definitively know what is ailing me and any need to become healthy. Both of these needs have lightened into preferences. Despite my circumstances, I’ve found I can experience peace and even joy in any given moment, in spite of a physical body that is not currently operating in optimum health. When we come to see through first-hand experience that our peace and even joy is not dependent upon anything occurring outside of self, then we truly are free.

As such I’ve begun to actually view my present physical health circumstances as a gift. Without them, I cannot imagine having the experiential knowledge I now have that even under such circumstances, joy can and does prevail. Such a gift is priceless.

As the messengers behind the teachings of Abraham that have served as inspiration to so many, Jerry and Esther Hicks deserve far better than what this handful of spiteful critics are offering. The teachings of Abraham have quite literally uplifted thousands upon thousands who are seeking relief. It seems a shame that Jerry Hicks cancer would cause some to attack them rather than embrace them with the support, gratitude and respect they deserve at this pertinent and pivotal juncture of their lives.

This said, and with the teachings of Abraham in mind, nothing here has really gone wrong. The critics are merely operating from their own dense vibration and contracted level of understanding and I’m quite sure that their words have very little actual impact on Jerry or Esther Hicks.

There is a perfection that can be seen in the unfolding of all experience when we view through the eyes of source. We are where we are and others are where they are and when we can embrace everything and everyone we encounter with acceptance, even an observation of what appears to be an act of cruelty towards others, upon deeper scrutiny, will reveal that perceived act of cruelty to merely be the result of limited thoughts and beliefs.

Ignorance and cruelty are always the result of constricted awareness. It is often helpful in the face of such to acknowledge, “this too shall pass.” All experience, that which is perceived as being positive or negative, serves to expand the present boundaries of our consciousness.

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