Jerry Hicks Death and The Teachings Of Abraham

Jerry Hicks death at the reported age of 87 has left some who follow the teachings of Abraham shocked and perplexed. How, they ask, could someone who was so close to these law of attraction teachings fail to apply them? How is it that Jerry Hicks passing following a bout with leukemia, have come to pass, knowing all that he supposedly knew?

What Implications Does Jerry Hicks Death Have Regarding The Teachings Of Abraham?

What does Jerry Hicks death say about the teachings of Abraham and law of attraction teachings in general? What does his passing say about him and Esther? Does it in fact, say anything at all?

A small handful of vocal critics on the web used Jerry Hicks cancer as ‘proof’ to indicate that the Teachings of Abraham are nothing more than a scam and I can only imagine that Jerry Hicks death will now serve as new fodder for this crusade powered by limited consciousness.

This said, I do understand how and why questions have arisen. For the most part, in my opinion, they arise due to confusion about both the message inherent in the teachings of Abraham and the role and responsibilities of the messengers, however, as one of my visitor’s so eloquently said, “when a master appears to stumble, students often panic.” To many, Jerry Hicks death is the equivalent of a master faltering.

Many who follow the teachings of Abraham are wanting to know how someone who was so immersed and well versed in these teachings could seemingly falter in his application of them. Does Jerry Hicks death indicate that he did indeed falter?

While it is entirely possible that Jerry Hicks in his humanness did in fact ‘falter’ when it came to the successful application of the teachings of Abraham, it is also very possible that Jerry received precisely what he was intending. Our assessment that something went wrong regarding Jerry Hicks death is based upon personal assumptions and judgments that may or may not be correct.

I actually see Jerry Hicks death as providing followers of the teachings of Abraham with an opportunity to go a level deeper into their understanding of the message and a little higher in terms of expanding consciousness.

I’ve always said that the best law of attraction teachings are actually far more about learning to practice unconditional love and acceptance than they are about ‘getting stuff,’ and the Abraham Hicks teachings definitely fall under this category as far as I’m concerned. If we find ourselves encountering resistance to Jerry Hicks death in the form of thoughts that have us judging or doubting our own inherent ability to focus our thoughts to create our desires, then we’ve been provided a perfect opportunity to examine the thoughts and energy behind our feelings of discord.

As I’ve said in my previous article, it is extremely arrogant and quite impossible really for anyone to suppose to know with certainty exactly what was going on inside Jerry Hicks in terms of his intentions and most heartfelt desires. He was indeed getting on in age (in his late 80’s I am told) and had from all appearances lived a long, rewarding and exciting life. Jerry Hicks death need not indicate that anything went wrong.

The judgments being made about both Jerry and Esther at this point seem to me to be very indicative of the limited beliefs about death itself that many of us hold. The teachings of Abraham repeatedly tell us that physical death is a perfectly natural and joyous part of life. Jerry Hicks death is no different.

When someone dies it often appears from our physical vantage point as though something has gone wrong. From a more expanded perspective, physical death is every bit as celebratory as the human perspective regarding physical birth. Through my brother's death and subsequent after death communication, I've come to see the reality of life after death. Despite knowing this, many will continue to ask; How could Jerry Hicks become ill with leukemia and then die knowing everything he knew? Doesn't Jerry Hicks Death mean that Jerry feel short? The truth is, we can never know for sure. Only Jerry would know precisely what his deepest of intentions were.

Indeed it is entirely possible that Jerry very much did consciously intend to heal himself of the leukemia and continue to live on, however, it’s also possible that an intention existed within Jerry to move on into the ‘next phase’ of existence...that Jerry Hicks death was simply the next 'logical' step in terms of his expansion. There is nothing positively concrete that Jerry Hicks Death tells us regarding his actual intentions.

I’ve come to see through personal experience that our intentions exist within a hierarchy of sorts. Our overriding desire is always to feel good, to expand our consciousness, to experience the joy that is the core of who and what we really are.’

We seem to be hard wired to gravitate towards that which creates the experience of positive emotion. Much in the same way that flowers and plants naturally turn to face the sun, as humans, we too have an inherent nature to move towards ‘the light’ and towards that which facilitates the greatest growth and expansion.

Some of us are more cognizant than others that the surest way to experience abiding joy is to reach a place where we are accepting of ALL that presents in our present moment, where we reject nothing and accept all that is appearing. When we are capable of facing anything that manifests before us and accepting it, even embracing it with love to see the perfection of it, it could be said that we are free from attachment. freedom from attachment is the only true freedom.

The teachings of Abraham very much assert that the one thing in physical life that we have complete control over is our response to that which presents before us. We have the ability to mold and direct the thoughts that arise regarding our present moment reality and thus, through this, we create.

It seems to me that so long as we hold attachments to things being a certain way, our deepest, perhaps unconscious, strongest desire will ultimately continue to be, to transcend attachment. On a very deep level all of us are seeking to experience the abiding peace that depends upon nothing and embraces everything. If Jerry Hicks death has thrown you or caused you to question these teachings, perhaps you've been given an opportunity to assess your own ability to accept in the face of that which might seem unacceptable.

Those who are not conscious of this will pursue physical manifestations as their source of joy, and there is nothing wrong with this, however, in time we eventually come to see that the joy is not in the object of desire but instead exists within each moment that we ‘are’. The joy is inherent within the life process itself, in the initial launching of preference and then in the alignment with that. For, to align with our preference is to align with Source. Once it is seen that Joy is who and what we are at our core, our need for anything to be other than what it currently ‘is’ will cease.

I’ve come to see that so long as attachments still exist, we will manifest things that appear to be in opposition to that which we are consciously desiring. The whole process appears to be one designed to bring us to clarity, to bring us to a place of knowing of who and what we REALLY are, to see that there is nothing ‘out there’ that we require to be at peace.

Is it possible that prior to Jerry Hicks death, he came to know a new level of acceptance? Is is possible that through his manifestation of leukemia he came to learn a new level of acceptance of what ‘is’? Is it possible that Jerry Hicks Death was the path of least resistance for him? I suspect so.

I continue to receive responses to my original article about Jerry Hicks Cancer. I received the following submission recently and have chosen to include it here.

I thank Jophiel from New South Wales for this submission as it encompasses some common views and opinions surrounding Jerry Hicks Death;

Jophiel: The Hicks' teachings are based on Universal Laws which are in operation regardless of human debate or refutation. So, what calls Esther & Jerry's credibility into question is not the validity of the teaching itself, but rather Jerry Hicks death and thus his seeming inability to harness and deploy these teachings for himself.

I do understand what you’re saying here. Many have voiced their concern that if Jerry Hicks, the man who lives and works side by side with the channel of this message cannot successfully apply it, then surely the rest of us don’t stand a chance.

We make a huge assumption though when we determine that Jerry Hicks was not able to harness and employ these teachings for himself. The first assumption is that Jerry held no intentions to make his transition into non-physical. Although I cannot say with certainty that he did indeed hold such an intention, I can think of all sorts of reasons why he may have.

He’d lived a long and joy filled life where he continually asked questions from the perspective of a physically based being and had perhaps exhausted the seeking of information that he had been so passionate about and was ready to move to a new vantage point from which to ask. I think it’s quite natural that as we reach our elder years to begin to entertain the call of source to expand further. When we’re in our eighties, perhaps the next logical step to expanding further is physical death. And when your wife is able to channel spirit, I can only imagine that one might entertain the thought of becoming a conduit of information between this realm and the realm where source emanates from.

Can any of us know with certainty that Jerry’s heartfelt, sole desire was to continue to experience physical life? I don’t imagine there is anyone but Jerry himself who can answer this question with accuracy.

For arguments sake, let’s say that Jerry’s deepest of intents was to continue on with his physical life. Did either he or Esther ever proclaim that they had completely mastered the teachings of Abraham? I think it was quite the opposite actually. While channeling Abraham, Esther often showcased stories about both her and Jerry’s mis-adventures outside of the vortex to demonstrate various points.

If in fact Jerry did have difficulty successfully applying the teachings, the only thing it demonstrates is that Jerry was no different than any of us. If this is the case, then indeed, in his humanness, he struggled with all the same issues that all humans struggle with.

Jophiel: If he had been able to do so successfully, then Jerry Hicks might have transitioned (whenever) peacefully, healthfully, and naturally, rather than to die suffering of/with an illness. )

I fully admit, I’m also speculating here, however, I can only imagine that if Jerry were to have peacefully made his transition out of the blue one night while sleeping, this would have provided a less satisfactory experience for both him and Esther. As it was, a period of time existed where Esther could warm to the idea and they could both say their goodbyes with full knowledge of what was to come. I see such a period of illness prior to death as a gift that we sometimes give to those who remain in physical.

I’ve personally experienced the death of a loved one who, without warning, simply made his transition one night while sleeping and I can tell you, while I am comforted that he made his transition in such a peaceful manner, there was undoubtedly a certain amount of shock involved that added to the initial trauma of his passing.

When you say that Jerry died ‘suffering with an illness,’ once again, you make an assumption. To have an unhealthy body is not the equivalent of suffering. Suffering only occurs when we resist the isness of the moment. Without resistance, there might be an experience of discomfort or even pain but there cannot be actual suffering.

Again, through personal experience, I can attest to the fact that we can experience a body that is not behaving according to our highest of conscious preferences and still be at peace and even in joy. I’ve actually come to see bodily discord as one of the most powerful teachers in terms of coming to greater levels of acceptance and freedom from attachment.

I’m willing to bet that in living out his last days on this earth with cancer, Jerry Hicks gained first hand knowledge about the human capacity for unconditional joy and acceptance. True knowing of this kind can only come through direct experience.

Jophiel: The best living example of true credibility is that of Louise L Hay. Loiuse actually viewed her one time cancer diagnosis as an oppoprtunity to put into practice her own spiritual teachings and was able to heal herself completely to continue on into her eigth decade now! It appears that supporters of Esther & Jerry Hicks probably expected something similar from Jerry and are reacting to the fact that he was unable to do so, by questioning the validity of the teachings. )

I agree. Students of the Teachings of Abraham were very much expecting and hoping for Jerry to heal himself and this is where much of the disillusionment comes from.

Would Louise Hay be any less “credible” if at the end of a long life, she died of cancer? Would this invalidate her as a teacher or would it someone speak to her integrity or previous ability to create vibrant health?

I do agree that Louise Hay did provide a wonderful example of how it is possible to heal ourselves and I do understand why some are questioning Jerry’s seeming inability to heal himself of his leukemia. However, as I’ve said, there are several assumptions that lie behind these questions.

Indeed, the teachings of Abraham tell us that it is very possible to live a long and healthy life and then just one day, pass quickly and unceremoniously from the physical body. However, these teachings also tell us that none of this requires perfection. In fact, Abraham stresses that there really is no such thing when it comes to a general consensus about what constitutes a successful physical life.

Rather, they remind us that anything we can imagine, we CAN come to experience. This in no way means that if we fail to live up to the perfect ideal something has gone wrong. In fact the teachings of Abraham tell us that life is really not the serious thing that so many of us believe it to be. Instead, from the vantage point of our greater self, physical life is regarded as more of a lark, an adventure of sorts where there is no way to really get it wrong. Simply because we CAN experience anything imagine does not mean that we MUST.

To look upon Jerry Hicks Death to conclude that something went wrong is to dismiss not only the teachings of Abraham, but also to dismiss the fact that Jerry Hicks appears to have lived a life that was filled with love, enthusiasm, passion and joy.

It is arrogant to observe the life of another to believe that we can determine with certainty, precisely what their deepest of intentions are. It is an exercise rife with judgment and chock full of our own baggage that we’ve accumulated through our unique journey through life.

There is little doubt in my mind that Jerry Hicks Death following leukemia has resulting in many questions and in some it has created doubt regarding the teachings themselves or at the very least, the practicality of the application of these teachings.

I look forward to seeing the direction these teachings take following Jerry Hicks death and I look forward to hearing from both Abraham and Jerry Hicks himself on the issue. I’m sensing that the teachings of Abraham will be moving into new, uncharted territory and I’m excited to see what unfolds.

Jerry Hicks and only Jerry Hicks knows what his deepest intentions were during the last months of his physical life. I suspect that from his newfound position in non-physical, and with Esther’s firmly established connection to the non-physical, we haven’t heard the last from him yet.

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