Jerry Hicks Transition into Non-Physical

by Colleen
(Lexington, Ky.)

I cannot state this any better than you already have. I thank you for this wonderful article especially in light of Jerry Hicks transition into non-physical last Friday.

One does not need or want the physical to last forever. One can be in joy and wholeness, for that matter, in the midst of physical challenges.

I have had so many wonderful teachings in my life, my own inner wisdom, the teachings of Samuel channeled by Lea Schultz, and others. Jerry, with Esther, was a co creative being who lived those teachings even before he met her.

I want to thank you for such a well written article, that honors what those teachings are really about.Those who think the teachings are about superficial Pollyanna positive are not receiving the fullness of what is there and are not able to at this time.

Bless you!


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Another Perspective On Jerry Hicks Making His Transition Into Non-Physical

(Bristow, VA)

I really appreciated hearing your perspective! Your article is wonderful. I love Jerry and Esther and the Abraham beings, and I have been a little puzzled with Jerry Hicks re-emerging into non-physical, not quite knowing how to frame it in my mind, but searching for perspective.

The perspectives that you, and so many of the other people commenting offered, really helped to get me thinking. What if you want something and you want something else and it produces "resistance". That sounds familiar. Couldn't wanting unfettered information about the universe, and wanting to stay right here in the physical, couldn't these two worthy but contrasting desires, produce resistance?

Possibly this could have been Jerry's situation. The author was mentioning a neurological problem she was having, but how she was really gaining in another regard from it.

Similarly, I have neurological issues from lyme disease, and I really want them to go away, but no doubt they have taught me so much, precious information I value immensely. Maybe sometimes when we want a lot, something we think we don't want directly, becomes a vehicle to have other requests? I sense it can be very complicated to picture fully, but I finally feel better in understanding how could Jerry make his transition into non-physical when he didn't appear to want to, with the support of the Abraham beings.

As for the bloggers, I would much rather focus on you fine people sharing uplifting brilliant perspectives. Thank you all. Best Regards!

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Thank you all for the feeback on "Jerry Hicks Cancer" Article

by Faye

I just wanted to say a quick thank-you to everyone who has taken the time to comment on this article...I receive letters of support daily. I'm definitely 'feeling the love.' :)

What a profound demonstration this has been of what it means to be on a similar wavelength and to 'vibrate' harmoniously with others.

Indeed, our thoughts and ideas can serve to connect us or separate us from those around us. When we vibrate in harmonywith thoughts of a similar nature, we have the wonderful experience of 'connecting' with the hearts of others.

...really goes to show the vibratory/energetic nature of thought itself.

There is definitely a certain shared frequency of those who resonate with the Teachings of can be palpably felt. Fans of Abraham Hicks are an exceptionally accepting and loving bunch.

When I first came across these teachings, I was indeed initially floored over how much they mirrored my own channelings and messages received through deep meditation. But even more than that, I recognized the 'vibration' or energy of absolute unconditional love and acceptance behind the message.

When you think about it, it makes sense doesn't it, that if you're simply not currently of this vibration or one that is close, the teachings of Abraham (and all other teachings of a similar vibration) will leave you cold and possibly even angry, as has been demonstrated by some.

In order for the message inherent within the teachings of Abraham to resonate, we must be of a compatible vibration. It is a message that can only really be 'heard' in the way it is intended when we're at a certain place of seeing/expanded consciousness.

Thanks again to all who have taken the time to respond.

With Love,

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Jerry Hicks Cancer - May He Rest In Peace- With Great Appreciation

by Carol
(Hartford , CT USA)

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. The article is just wonderful!!! I hope that you can send the article to as many readers as possible. Especially to Esther Hicks and family.

Obviously Dave and Kyra didn't learn much about Abraham's teachings or they are simply way out of the vortex.

My goodness Jerry was 87 years old human. I'm sure he was ready to go. I'm sure he is having a blast getting his questions answered and enjoys being a part of the non-physical realm.

Abraham always used Esther and Jerry (especially Esther) as an example of being out of the vortex. He always pointed out when she was off track and explained why she herself got sick.

I wonder if Dave and Kyra would still want to be around at 87+ years. Esther and Jerry never said they were immortals. What on earth are they thinking? Well I guess they are not thinking. Who cares about them? They are just being rude or maybe they are just trying to make themselves popular and using Jerry's death as a way to get what they want to feel better. They just want attention. Maybe by them spewing out negative blogs makes them feel good in some weird way.

I have never felt more at peace with myself since learning about the teachings of Abraham. I'm so glad Jerry and Ester (through Abraham)reminded us that we need to think positive thoughts, love ourselves more and to see others in a positive light regardless of how off kilter they may appear to be in reality.

Great Appreciation

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Jerry Hicks Passing

by Ali

Thank you so much for your wonderful post about Jerry Hicks passing.

Now that Jerry Hicks has made his transition the bloggers you mentioned are certainly having a field day! As you thoughtfully considered above, they certainly are a perfect example of the law of attraction - as they look for evidence of falsity/scamming/deception - then this is what they will see.

People see what they want to, they notice what they look for - which is why one person can be transfixed at sadness all around them while another person standing right next to them will notice only the beautiful sunset and the smell of summer in the air. It's all about choice - and each of us are free to make that choice :)

Personally, after learning so much from the teachings of Abraham and Jerry's role in constantly asking, learning and pursuing more and more knowledge, I believe he made his transition because he had learned all he could in this physical body. His asking lead to so many answers, all of which have benefited anyone who wants to listen, and now he can know everything - without the confines of a physical body. I was sad to see him go, but so glad for the information that he has sought and shared.

As you say "joy can and does prevail". So very true! It is our default state and this is what I choose to focus on now.

I'm so glad I found your post.

Love and light to you xx

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Jerry''s Death Does Not Contradict The Teachings Of Abraham

The Teachings of Abraham never says anything about eternal physical life. Instead Abraham says people decide when and how they go. Jerry was not young. He had lived a full life and accomplished a lot of things. For reasons known only to him and his higher self he chose to experience cancer. It does not contradict anything that Abraham has ever said and anyone who believes it does is not familiar at all with Abraham.

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Opinions About Jerry Hicks Illness

by lori
(kansas city)

Wonderful. Thank you so much for this. I felt disturbed by the hateful things being written about Jerry and Esther Hicks and Jerry's illness. These people are definitely operating from a very low vibration, and your piece conveyed that very well. Abraham Hicks has helped me so much in the last several years. If it doesn't work for you, then, by all means, move on!

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Jerry Hicks

by Gil Alan
(Los Angeles)

Thank you for writing this article and speaking up!

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Jerry Hicks Death - Some Are Confused

by Victoria Young

Thank you, Faye for sharing your take on Jerry Hicks death from leukemia. I have friends who are confused by his death. They seem to believe it casts doubt on the Teachings of Abraham. They are not as vociferous as David and Kyra, But they seem a bit lost. I will give them a link to your site.

It seems like more than a few people see death as a "failure" rather than as a transition from one form to another. Even physicists tell us that everything, including our bodies, is energy. Energy is eternal. It cannot be created or destroyed -- only changed from one form to another. I don't see Jerry's death as a failure. It is just a withdrawal of energy from his body--back to the rest of himself in Source.

Like you, I find resonance to Abraham teachings because they are the same as the info I get from my higher (or inner) self. I like the Teachings of Abraham because they do an excellent job of expressing the information in an easy-to-digest form.

For me, the biggest emphasis of their teachings revolved around reminding us that we are Source energy, and that a portion of who we are is focused in this earthly plane. The vaster part of who we are remains focused in Source. That part of us knows who we really are. It loves us, supports us and sees the perfect relationship between our beliefs and our experience. They teach that the most important thing we can do is develop a loving relationship with the part of us that remains in Source.

Yes, there are many who find the Teachings of Abraham attractive because they talk about how we can be, do and have what we want. But they tell us that in order to do that, our vibration must resonate to what we want. In order to achieve that resonance, we need to be more consciously aware of our connection to Source.

I also have neurological issues, though mine are diagnosed as Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) Disease. It is also called HMSN (Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathy). It involves my hands and arms up to my elbows and my feet and legs up to my knees. Using my hands is difficult and I wear braces on my legs. Neurologists say it is genetic.

I spent years trying to "fight" it, and feeling like a failure because I had not overcome it. Eventually, I realized that I needed to give up resistance, make peace with my situation and make a space for me to heal. I'm much happier now, and I am still hopeful for healing.

Like you, I do readings and write books. For a time I felt insecure and worried about whether other people would judge me in a similar way to how David and Kyra judged Jerry. "If you know all this, then how come you're not healed?"

But, I look at Jane Roberts, who acted as an excellent channel for The Seth Material, while dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, or Byron Katie, who teaches The Work while dealing with serious vision issues.

I realize that whether or not someone judges us for not being "healed" is dependent on their own issues and tendency to judge others. If they are more compassionate and don't tend to harshly judge others, they won't find fault with us for having health issues.

Part of my work now is my own vibrational resonance to those who are open to the information I offer. I felt a "connection" to your article--resonance again. Thank you for writing it.

For all of us -- if we consciously put our attention on what we want to attract, rather than worry about what is or what might be, we will be more in touch with Source.

I plan to post a link to your article from my own website ( I'm not a fan of Facebook, so I won't "share" there, but I will put a link on my site. Faye, you can contact me through my site. I know you will edit this before posting, and will probably remove the contact info. That's fine. I just wanted to tell you where I will post the link.



Dear Victoria,

Thank you so much for your inspired and inspiring comment...brought tears (of resonance) to my eyes!

It's always so wonderful to meet a kindred soul!

With Love,

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The Teachings Of Abraham - Our Own Path

by Constance
(Toronto, Canada)

Wonderfully written. I too have read some of the rants from the two critics you mention above. At first I was disappointed that a message could be so distorted as they have re-interpreted Abraham-Hicks message. And then I remembered, as Abraham teaches - that we do not get to choose for others.

If Jerry is ill, that does not necessarily have to do with resistance. Abraham has always taught that these physical bodies we live in are not eternal and we will rejoin source through the path of least resistance. Our paths are our own and it is not for us to judge in any way - not about those who disagree with the message nor how anyone chooses to transition.

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Jerry Hicks Transition

by JK
(Venice ca)

Jerry Hicks is a person and was required to align himself like everyone else if he wished to "heal".

Just because he heard all the words from Abraham does not mean he was aligned or had cleaned up all the stuff he picked up on his path living life before discovering Abraham.

As a matter of fact, Abraham would make fun of Jerry and his inability to get eggs cooked properly, due to his thoughts that other people should act differently for him regardless of his point of attraction.

All of their words do not teach, only life experience teaches.
I heard Abraham say that it can be easier to throw money at a problem rather than cleaning up the vibration that attracted the trouble.
Jerry had ideas, that lead to many of his questions, which made it clear that he was not applying all of the principles being taught by Abraham.

He was just a regular guy trying to figure it out for himself .

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Jerry and Esther Hicks contradict the Teachings of Abraham

by Oscar

I like to keep an open mind about the Abraham-Hicks teachings and experience, and I have personally experienced the benefits of the teachings.

However, I believe Esther and Jerry Hicks love to profess they idea that they want the teachings to be available to the whole world. But the only way for them to be available is for people to pay for them.

And believe me, I have nothing against paying for the information, but there is a lot of resistance saying, I want the whole world to have access to the teachings, but you need to pay for them.

Would be better to say, the teachings are available to those who can afford it. That would be a lot more genuine than what Jerry was saying and that's what probably caused his resistance to build up and send him to the 'final' vortex.

Jerry kept claiming he was always looking for the best way to disseminate the teachings to the whole world, as if we are living in 1911 or 1912; It is 2012. We have the internet (brought to you by Al Gore). Upload a video, do a web streaming of your philosophy, have a weekly blog....many ways to reach the world for free out there.

Problem is, it appears Jerry wanted money for the teachings. And thus the resistance that probably led to his death. How can you proclaim you want the teachings to reach the whole world, yet get upset when people are sharing videos on youtube?

Also, if you're so worried about the sharing, doesn't LOA proclaim abundance? There is always the example of big pie Abraham gives.

The Hicks have always money coming in. All they have to do is do a workshop and people attend and pay the money.
People buy the videos. People attend the cruises. Money is always coming in.

But that wasn't or it isn't enough. They want to milk money out of every way possible for the teachings.

Contrast this to Sheila and Theo's message. They do a free radio show and people can call in. However, you do have the choices to attend some workshops and do private consults and pay for those; and you can also pay for their teachings if you want to listen to them; however, most mp3s are 4 bucks per hour, which make them very reasonable compared to the 50 dollars CD the HIcks are peddling.

If Jerry wanted the teachings "available to the whole world", why not follow something like Sheila and Theo?

You can still make money, while making the teachings available to the world as he proclaimed.

And believe me, there are many people in countries like Africa or Latin America who can't pay the Hicks' high fees to buy a video, or buy the tapes.

And again, they can do as they please, but don't go out every week saying you want the teachings to be available to the whole world, while at the same time you have your employees trying to remove youtube videos which are only trying to promote the teachings, not make money from them. Didn't they learn from Abraham? That current can't be bucked my friends.

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Teachings of Abraham and Jerry's Transition

by Susan
(Yorktown, Virginia)

It's obvious, when reading the negative blogs that you refer to, that the authors don't truly comprehend what Abraham is saying.

When I first encountered Abraham's teachings, I was truly shocked at how many negative thoughts run through my head each day. Believing what Abraham is teaching and successfully putting yourself completely in alignment are two very different things.

Jerry Hicks is/was a human being and would have the same struggle with this as the rest of us.

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Jerry Hicks cancer

Why do you feel you have to defend Jerry and Esther from attacks ?

Attacks that are not physical they are just blogs with opinions.

You see, the law of attraction and hence forth Abraham teachings can not be proven and therefore are just subjective experiences that only individuals can prove for themselves or not.

In other words LOA and AB are beyond the realms of discursive logic and reasoning and are completely subjective and dependent on belief.

And further more if someone feels delusioned of something where previously their hearts were into, is any surprise if they bite back later by the only means available, through information, Abraham is primarily an information on a view of reality, the attackers offer from their perspective the better view.

This is precisely what you are doing, you read their view and now that you are exposed to it you are rejecting it with a rebuff to re-validate the (new view) you have because of the event and of how you wish to view yourself and reality.

And in fact this is also the same thing i do every day.

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THANK YOU! (Re: Jerry Hicks Cancer)

by Danica Cook
(Perth Australia)

What you have written here I could not have put into better words myself. You have a deep understanding of the teachings of Abraham. Thank you for taking the time and effort to write this.

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Jerry Hicks Cancer Article

by Marta

Dear Author of "Jerry Hicks Cancer - Irrelevant to the Validity of Teaching's of Abraham", I don't often comment on anything much on the internet, but I find your article beautiful and so very well written.

I am not a follower of the Abraham-Hicks teachings in a strict sense, but I am attracted to their work because it resonates with my heart's own truth. I only today found out about the death of Jerry Hicks just by wanting to refresh myself a bit with their online teachings. I feel sadness and my love and gratitude goes to both of them for their amazing work they have done and will continue to do together. And my love and compassion goes to Esther who, as much as Jerry is human too and undoubtedly feels human emotions. And from this "human perspective" I feel anger towards people who mock their work and their lives. I haven't really read anything they wrote, just the titles...because I don't want to invest any of my energy into words they wrote. But I am grateful for your words, they feel protective over Esther and Jerry's human vulnerability. Love and blessings to you.


Thank You so much for your lovely and kind words Marta,

with Love,


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Jerry Hicks Transition was the Next logical step

by David
(Sarasota Fl)

If I had access to all of my questions answered by infinite intelligence, I could see myself desiring the experience of the transition into non-physical.

To have access to answers to every question I could ask....imagine what Jerry Hicks must've known....And we think Google is amazing....just imagine! I am eternally grateful for Jerry and Esther Hick's decision to take Abraham global....I look forward to seeing more this imformation's influence...

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Responses to Jerry Hicks Cancer

by Trevor Emdon
(United Kingdom)

Thank you for this well thought out article on Jerry Hicks death and Jerry Hicks cancer. I remember when Anthony Robbins - the great "self help" guru - got divorced how the shock waves traveled round his aficionados (and the skeptics) like a tsunami.

It's fear. Masters of the law of attraction are not supposed to get cancer or die unless they have chosen to manifest it. (Yogananda may have achieved this - read "Autobiography of A Yogi" for that story). People who teach personal happiness and how to do relationships aren't supposed to divorce.

So the public reacts with outrage and attempts to discredit the Master.

You did not react with fear - you saw the simple truth. Abraham teaches that we can deliberately create our reality, but nowhere do they say that we can override the laws of nature. To not die would be the equivalent of saying that we can tell the ocean to stop making waves. Impossible and utterly unnecessary.

Jerry Hicks Cancer and subsequent passing reminds us all to enjoy the now, just as most physical deaths do. And your writing reminds us to accept nature for what it is. Let's celebrate the life of Jerry Hicks and the incredible, love-filled teachings of Abraham that he opened the floodgates to, and let us remember him with gratitude rather than look at his ending with fear.

Many thanks.
Trevor Emdon.
(Author of "The Book Of Being"

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