Jerry Hicks Passing

by Stephanie

I like your blog post about Jerry Hicks passing. I'm new to the teachings of Abraham material, but have been fascinated. To all those who think Jerry's death belies Abraham's teaching, I can only think: hello? Weren't you listening? Or you just couldn't hear?

Hasn't Abraham said all along that it's about feeling--what you want to experience, to feel? The 'physical' is just an excuse. How wonderful it would be to feel good and perfect even while in the throes of cancer. What a test, what an opportunity, what a triumphant and joyful experience that would be.

Did Jerry Hicks feel that way? How do I know? Why would I care? The only thing that matters--and the only thing I CAN know, as far as I know--is how I feel (everything else is only projection,in accordance with the teachings of Abraham, and my own): and I feel quite peaceful about Jerry passing. Who says cancer isn't beautiful? Who says God created anything that was less than perfect? If you want to live in a world of imperfection, have at it. There's room enough in my universe for that--I've done it myself, and can look forward to doing so again...I suspect the little eye is absolutely free to do so in the cradling arms of perfection.


Thank You so much. That was beautifully very well said. :)


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