just a new addition to my post... messages from my papa

by Nancy Lopez
(Compton, California, USA)

It's Nancy that wrote the post... I just wanted to add these other messages I received from my dad but these were more like a "puzzle"??? What I mean is, I had to figure them out. At 11:30 my brother came him from work and drove my dad's van inside the gate like my dad would every night. I heard the brakes cuz they squeek and at the same time I was watching The Lion King but the part where Rafiki, the monkey tells Simba that his father still exists and then Mufasa shows up in a cloud and speaks to Simba. My dad passed away at 11:30. Okay, today, I was watching the help and when I was thanking God and my dad for helping me with an employment test to work for the port, I turned to watch the movie and Constantine was looking at the hight marks she wrote for skeeter and her daughter Rachel. The year I got to see was 1944 for Rachel. My dad was born in 1944 and his name starts with an R. Also, the help is the name of the movie and I had just thanked him for helping me.

Hi Nancy...thanks again for sharing,
Faye :)

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