The Law of Affinity

Also known as law of attraction - responds to all thoughts about the real or imagined

The Law of Affinity is also known as the Law of Attraction. It responds to the personal vibration or energetic frequency that we emit. We shift our vibration to a higher level through thinking positive thoughts. These positive thoughts may be occurring as a response to something that has manifested in our current reality, our past, or our imagined future. The law of affinity is completely impartial. It simply ‘IS’ and it responds to our thoughts and vibration by creating a reality that is a match.

All of the best law of attraction teachings reveal the following manifesting secret; When your thoughts become resonant with the energy of your higher self/source/God, you will manifest your desire.

The Law of Affinity is a constant. It is this law that dictates the reality we find ourselves experiencing at any given moment. Our current reality is always a result of the vibration we are emitting. The thoughts that we think on a moment-to-moment basis create our personal vibration or energetic frequency.

The law of affinity and  law of attraction respond to All thoughts, whether these thoughts are in response to something ‘real’ that is currently occurring in our reality, or to something we are imagining.

The Law of Affinity - The importance of how we feel

We can assess our personal vibration by paying attention to the way we feel. If we’re thinking thoughts that cause us to feel anything less than positive, we must elevate our thoughts towards higher levels of emotion if we are to shift our vibration. The law of affinity determines that such a shift in vibration will enable us to connect with a reality where our desires can be manifested and realized.

Most of us are in the habit of observing the current reality before us and engaging in thoughts related to the positive or negative nature of this reality. When the reality currently facing us leaves little possibility for positive thought regarding it, imagination and an ability to shift our focus to choose where to place our attention, becomes immensely important. To utilize this power of intent of focus is to harness the power of the law of affinity to our full advantage.

Instead of focusing upon a current reality that is distasteful or disappointing and thinking thoughts related to this, remove your focus from the situation at hand and instead “Imagine” your reality as you would like it to be. In doing so, you will manifest your desire.

This may seem difficult at first, but like all positive habits, this one will become easier with practice.

Click on this link to try my Meditation exercise. It can really help when a negative reality facing us simply seems too compelling to turn away from. Meditation can be a wonderful tool for using the law of affinity to manifest your desire.

I’m currently facing a situation where an investment my husband and I made a few years ago has come up sadly short of our expectations. Now, I could allow my disappointment regarding this turn of events to dictate my thoughts and thus dictate my vibration and ability to manifest abundance, or I can turn my attention away from my current reality regarding this investment and instead, Imagine my financial situation as I’d like it to be.

I’ve tried focusing upon both scenarios, (a reality of lack and one of abundance) conjuring thoughts accordingly and I assure you, the thoughts and subsequent feelings I achieve following the scenario of a positive financial outcome are of a much, much higher vibrational frequency than the other. As such, these thoughts will shift my vibration and allow me to manifest my desire of abundance much quicker than if I allowed my thoughts to occur in response to the poor performance of my investment.

I’m sure to those surrounding me, I often appear as a child with her fingers lodged firmly in her ears, making loud, silly noises, in defiance and outright refusal to hear or acknowledge the unwelcome words of another. More than once I’ve been told that I simply must “face reality.” The truth is though, that the reality before us is constantly shifting to a new one. If we don’t like the current reality we’ve manifested, ‘facing’ it and acknowledging it with compatible thought will only serve to perpetuate it within our experience for a longer period of time. Thus, the less thought we offer towards a distasteful manifestation, the shorter our experience of it will be. When we turn our focus away from negative manifestations and instead choose thoughts of positivity, we are lining up with a whole new reality of positive manifestation.

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