how to reconcile the power to create worlds with the use of medicine

medicine and LOA

Are we using the law of attraction to our advantage when we resort to taking medicine to alleviate our health symptoms?

The idea of a self created reality resonated deeply with me from the time I've been very young, but this belief is not without certain problematic issues.

When I first encountered knowledge about the encompassing nature of the law of attraction and the fact that we manifest desires through emitting a compatible vibration, I quickly embraced and accepted the idea that we do indeed each create our own reality. My own life experiences certainly supported this. However, initially, I took it to an extreme.

I reasoned, that IF we are actually creating our reality with the help of the law of attraction, through the thoughts that we think, and the vibration we emit, I should then able to live completely free of any medication for pain or health ailments. I further reasoned that in caving in to taking such medication, I was acting in opposition to my knowing about the all powerful law of attraction. After all, I reasoned, I fully embraced and believed in the law of attraction and If I was truly creating everything within my reality myself, dominion over my thoughts was the only tool of creation that I should ever require.

While I do believe this is indeed true for those who have reached superior levels of creative mastery, for the rest of us, this remains a goal to work towards.

I recall struggling as I felt a migraine headache coming on. I possessed the knowing that as the creator of my reality, and as someone who had demonstrated herself to have a good grasp on using the law of attraction to manifest desires, I ‘should’ be capable of making the headache go away by choosing thoughts that would shift my vibration into a more positive direction.

I knew the way to do this was to harness this powerful law; To stop thinking negatively about the headache, accept that it was as it was and then place my focus upon something that made me feel good. However, knowing this and actually doing this seemed to be two very different things.

My head hurt so darned bad that it just seemed impossible to remove my focus from that pain,let alone accept it and place it on something that had the potential to make me feel positive. As soon as I succeeded a bit, I’d take stock of my head pain, and conclude that it had not yet improved. In doing so, I’d feel my vibration drop back down to its original level.

Feeling like a big failure, I resigned my efforts and headed for the medicine cabinet. As I reached for my migraine medication I took note of the positive expectation I felt. I acknowledged the absolute knowing I had that in taking that medicine, I’d soon be free from the pain of my migraine.

My positive expectation was based upon abundant past experience. As the anticipation of being pain free enveloped me, I felt my thoughts become more positive and as a result, my vibration shifted. Without my even realizing it, I was in fact using the law of attraction, right then and there, to my benefit.

Sure enough, after taking the migraine medication, a mere fifteen minutes later, the migraine began to lift. “Now why couldn’t I have done this on my own.” I chastised myself. The truth is, I could have, IF I could have been successful in changing my vibration through elevating my thoughts and emotions. What I failed to see is that in thinking about taking the medication, I actually did cause a shift in my vibration. The strong belief I held in my migraine medicine’s ability to take away my headache ensured it’s effectiveness in doing so. The fact remained that regardless of how I achieved success, I had succeeded in eliminating my migraine. The laws of attraction care not how or even if we get our vibration to shift. It simply responds in kind to whatever energy we're emitting.

I cam to see that when we become hung-up on specific modes and methods of shifting our vibration, we are denying the vast range of possible tools that are part and parcel of our physical experience. When we realize that the physical experience provides a myriad of different means and tools to aid us in shifting our vibration so that law of attraction can take over and do its work, then we are in a position to utilize the full potential of the physical experience to help us manifest desires and create the reality of our choosing.

practicing law of attraction - no need to  throw baby out with the bathwater

To some extent, we must realize and accept that our belief systems have been deeply ingrained into our psyche. They are in fact a part of a very personalized, self created reality of our very own. Instead of fighting these belief systems, we can USE them to our advantage to harness this creative principle  and manifest desires quickly and effortlessly.

In the case of my migraine, (a current part of a self created reality of MY own) I utilized my strong belief in the ability of my migraine medicine to harness the powerful law of attraction to create a reality of a pain free head. My intent was to get rid of the headache, and in taking the medicine, I created my manifest desire and the reality I was seeking.

I’ve come to see that when attempting to manifest desires, it’s okay to take short-cuts. Using the law of attraction to our advantage includes taking the path of least resistance.

Beating up on myself for doing so is self-defeating. I’m still working on using the power of choice of thought to shift my vibration as much as possible, and sometimes, even with migraine headaches, I do succeed with this, but in certain instances where it just seems too difficult, there is nothing wrong with utilizing a tool that exists within my current physical reality to help me get to where I want to help me manifest desires.

I've come to see that it’s absolutely okay to take the easiest path to arrive at my intended destination.

Using the Law of Attraction to our advantage is all about feeling good and going easy on self. When attempting to manifest desires and create a reality different from the one where you currently find yourself in, any choice or path that causes a shift of vibration into a positive direction is worthy of following. A self created reality contains many tools both mental and physical that can empower us towards achieving our manifest desires.

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